August 18, 2008

The potty blues

For the past few months (more like 6 months), DD and I have been talking about the potty and when and how we should use it - including demonstrations from mommy (tmi?). There was even a time that she was imitating daddy at the potty and at that point I realized that she was utterly confused, so I abandoned mission. Then I bought a little potty and also a dora potty seat, we switched to pull-ups, including the cool alert pull ups, we had stickers etc. All to no avail - and of course, included in this entire challenge is a little mommy guilt because I am clearly doing something wrong because all the other kids are potty-trained and it's got to be that I'm not doing something right - urgghhhh.

Well, she's getting promoted to preschool in September where all the kids are already 3 years old - and it goes without saying, already potty-trained. So, we've been re-focusing our attention on the task and over the past two weeks we've been back on track with the whole potty thing.

I tried talking to her about using it and her response was to inform me of all the kids in her class that do NOT use the potty;) So, finally her teachers recommended that when we are at home, don't use the pull-ups at all, just use underwear.

Voila!!!!....that seems to have done the job. She absolutely hates feeling wet and she's getting the hang of what she should do to avoid that feeling. So, it's been about 10 days now and we're doing well. She's not wearing pull-ups at school any more, nor at home.

It's amazing that something so simple and so common-sensical did the job. I wish I had known this trick a long time ago. It would have saved me lots and lots of money and I would have avoided what seems like hundreds of stinky diapers!!!


Justice Jonesie said...

Yep, that will do the trick. That's how I was able to succeed with Oldest. I know people say that girls normally train faster than boys, I disagree. I had challenges with Daughter. I think I gave up at one point as well and all the little extras I bought her did nothing to impress or persuade her. Youngest, though, has been doing great! We're two weeks in and already he's dry most of the day.

JeniBeans said...

well, I've been attempting (using that term VERY loosely) to get my oldest daughter to use the potty. She will say she needs to go when I change her diaper so I let her go in there and she might sit for like a second or five and then she's up again. Nothing.

I might just try this since I'm home all day, every day pretty much. Just toss 'em in with the diapers I wash. Doesn't seem like it'd be a big deal and if it gets her using the potty all the time then YIPPEE!

Nerd Girl said...

My girl didn't potty train until she started the 3 year old class. Nothing I'd tried worked. One of the older threes teased her about her pull ups one day, and that was what did it for us - peer pressure! Haven't had an issue since. Probably the last time I'll appreciate her buckling to peer pressure. . . .

Anonymous said...

That's great. That's what did the trick for us, no pulls ups just underware and my son took right to it.

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