August 13, 2008

Adventures in BabyLand

The Babe is now 6 weeks old! Crazy how time flies. In that time he has truly become his own little person with a little personality and everything. Oh and then there's the colic. Not as bad as Giggles had it, but colic nonetheless. In our furious state of denial we tried solutions for a dairy allergy and acid reflux, but alas it turned out to be the "c" word. Even having been through this before, it isn't easier this time. The worst part is the "10-minute treatment" that pediatricians recommend where you put the baby in a quiet, dark room by themselves for 10 minutes at a time so that they can calm themselves down. It still breaks my heart! The good news is that the worst of it should be over.

Because the little guy is so irritable, he hates being put down. At all. I mean, he cried in his swing, in the bouncy seat, in his crib - everywhere. My arms are about to fall off from carrying him all day. Thank goodness for the harness (but oh my poor back!) I ended up borrowing a baby papasan chair from a friend and he at least will sit in that for up to 12 minutes.

Other than those two things, he is dreamy. Cute and chubby and precious. The girls are doing great with him, even though Giggles can get superjealous and meltdown at times. But they love their little brother and I can tell they have already forgotten life before him!

And so have I :)


JeniBeans said...

We went through about 3 mths or so of colic with our latest model. Then she got a cold, then ingrown big, not from us cutting them. her fat toes curled up around the edge of her nail. Thankfully they didn't have to be removed.

Hope the colic ends for you soon. I have not-so-fond memories of trying to make Thanksgiving Dinner with my aunt here visiting and she and I having to tag-team her...

"My turn, you just had her!"
"I've got my hands in turkey stuffing...YOUR turn!"

lol That girl was seriously unhappy for at least 3 mths.

She got that from her dad because my MIL kept telling me that he had it for that long too. My mom has never mentioned me having it so I put all blame the other way.


Anonymous said...

he is TOOO cute! He is such a little male version of Giggles. Great seeing you today and thanks for the card, Supermom! j/k shorter mama

3XMom said...

oh my gosh - isn't he the most adorable thing! He is sooo cute! I jsut want to smooch those big fat cheeks! Awww...hang in there! I will keep my fingers that the colic is over quickly!

Justice Jonesie said...

Look at this boy! He is so cute! Poor him with colic. Hug him all day, these days only last a few months.

Anonymous said...

He is sooo adorable!

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