August 20, 2008

First Days of School

This week was the last of first days of schools for this year. The kids are all at different schools so we've been doing the first days of school thing for almost three weeks.

First up, is Youngest. We call him Little B, "B" for brother or "B" for Bruiser because he is tough and tries to bully the rest of the kids, and the parents. This kid kicked and screamed and thrashed his way into the classroom. He managed one escape but we were able to grab him and put him back in the class. Because of the commotion, I was not able to get a picture of him going to school. Instead, I took a picture of him leaving school on the first day. He's on his fourth day of school and still no luck so I'm just going to share his first day leaving.
Here we are:

That's him giving Daugther a hug. He was thrilled to see us. He's such a Mama's boy, I love it. He's been clinging to me ever since, though. Oh well.

Next up is Oldest. He was very excited to see his friends. So far, his favorite subjects are "playground, lunch, and going home. " The worst thing he likes about school is "homework and getting up early." Spoken like a true first grader.

Last but certainly not least, is my Daughter who is too independent for her own good sometimes.

She was the last to start school and the one most excited about it. No remorse about leaving Mommy who has been with her for three months. No fears, no worries, nothing. We arrived early so I took several pictures.
The teacher wanted the parents to say "bye" at the door to make for smooth drop off. Most kids looked back and waved or had a look of some sort of fear in their eye. Not my daughter. When it was time to go in the classroom, she walked right in and never even looked back. I was heartbroken. Leave it to the girl to break her Mama's heart. Hence, the photo of her back. I'll remember this when she wants her prom dress...


JeniBeans said...

Yep. Might as well get used to that now, eh?

Justice Fergie said...

so cute!!

chatterbox was the same way when she started school last year. not a tear, not a panicked look back at mommy - NADA. let's see how giggles does next week.

good thing i now have a little boy to love me!

Nerd Girl said...

Cute, cute! These girls are something else :)

Justice Ny said...

Ladies....I might need a boy to love me too!!!! Just kidding...but seriously, these girls are such divas. DD is the same way; she cares less when mommy drops her off in the morning - it's sometimes heartbreaking.

I do not have a new first day because DD is at the same school - but she is transitioning to the big kids class and its only two from her existing class that are moving up. I think I've been taking it harder that she is - go figure!!!!

BTW Jonesie, I love the pics. Ican't believe B is so big - he's almost a grown, so cute though:)

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