April 17, 2008


So, I'm already angry with DH today and then while taking a mental break, before coming home to deal with it and him, I get a call "Hi, I'm calling from RC....are you coming to pick up your daughter?" WTF......I'm confused. What do you mean? Her father is supposed to come get her? Where is he? Is she okay? Is she feeling abandoned because she is the last child at her school? Is she scared? Is he okay? What's going on????? I just don't understand. I start frantically running out to the car while crying and calling H and not receiving any response from his cell phone. Then I see I have a VM waiting about 3 minutes after daycare called - it's H. I have DD and my cell phone died.

I fly home crying all the way because I am scared for her and all of the memories from my childhood arise like never before. Of all the things I hated and remember the most about the absolute worst thing about my childhood was when my mother was late picking me up from school - which was often. I felt so scared and abandoned when I was a child, and I have had nightmares since becoming a mother about being late to pick up DD that it all came to a head today.

H comes home about 2 hours after picking up DD and tells me that he hasn't fed her and then gets on me because I'm angry.

Am I crazy because I'm angry?!?!?! I DON'T think so. He needs a freaking slap upside his head. Think.....Think.....Think!!!!! H - don't be such a jack-ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Justice Jones said...

Oh my goodness. Call me!!!!

Justice Fergie said...

you are NOT crazy for being upset! you poor thing. you know i have a lot to say. call me too!

Nerd Girl said...

You can call me too if you like! Seriously, I don't know why the hubsters occasionally lose all common sense and then wonder why we're upset.

I'm responsible for pick-up, so that's not an issue, but I cannot tell you how many times they've been gone all day long, well past bed time, and he'll come home and tell me she hasn't eaten. What he should be saying is that he didn't feed her - she's 3. Aaaargh!

My bad - I've posted a whole rant on your spot. Hope you're feeling better and that you don't do anything rash to the hubby that will require the pro bono services of J Jones or J Fergie! Have a good weekend.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I don't blame you...I would have been pissed!

the mama bird diaries said...

Oh I would have been SUPER upset too.

Anonymous said...

it's one thing to be upset, but it's another thing entirely to lambaste your husband like that in a public forum. shame on you.

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