April 16, 2008

Love It! Thursdays: Frozen Dinners

I'm a little sick (again) and I'm tired -- no surprise about that -- and I have DD tonight while DH works late AND I have to figure something out for dinner. I open the freezer hoping that there is something there to cook and low and behold I have one more Bertolli frozen meals. Voila!!!!! Dinner is done. I think - thank goodness I have this one last meal because I would have really been stuck. That's the inspiration for my LIT post - the convenience of Bertolli meals.

These meals can feed two adults as a main course or an entire family as a side dish. As you can imagine, they are quite often main courses around here. They're so inexpensive (I think I pay about $7 or $5.50 on sale) and they're very tasty and of course super convenient. The meals come in a variety of pasta dishes and best of all - DD likes them, and sometimes that's a difficult task.

So, I give Bertolli frozen dinners


Justice Fergie said...

i love frozen dinners! they really can save the day. the bertolli ones are tasty but i'll only get them if they are on sale. we would need at least 2 meals to feed the family -- feeding an active athlete dad, a very pregnant mom and 2 growing toddlers is no joke!!

Justice Jones said...

This is all very good information for me. I'll be sure to try them and make sure to buy 2 bags. I made two casseroles of baked ziti (one full box of the pasta) and had to hide the other one in the oven to avoid overeating. When everyone was full I whipped out the extra dish- sure enough, Hubby and oldest went for another place. I had to make extra garlic bread for them. My tactic worked because I have enough for tonight. The bread is all gone though.

3XMom said...

hmmm...I've never tried them, I'll have to give it a shot. Thanks.

Sheliza said...

Those dinners are so delish! I stock up when I can combine a sale and coupon. You can even add a dash of garlic powder and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes for a little extra kick.

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