April 03, 2008

Good Times.

Despite me being beyond exhausted from the pregnancy, yesterday was a good day.

First, I came home from work to find our
cherry blossom trees in full bloom. I love them. They make me happy.

Aren't they making you happy too?

Then last night, at approximately 9:19pm, we became the eBay auction winners of
the stroller that we wanted! Yahoo! We saved almost 50% off of the retail price. Gotta love the Internet. It was my first time actually participating in an auction on eBay -- I usually just use the "Buy It Now" feature. The even better news is that we lost an auction over the weekend for the same stroller from another seller and so I was bummed. But we got an even better deal last night than we would have the last time, and the one that we won comes with the manufacturer's warranty.

Now if I could only stay awake for it, I'm sure today is going to be a good day too.


JJ said...

i lurve Ebay. I think you've inspired me to go there to find my dream jogging stroller! thnx. Congrats to you guys. that is a super cool stroller!

3XMom said...

i love ebay too. it is the best. I also love cherry blossoms - so pretty! Wish the lastest longest!

Justice Jones said...

Go Ebay! You lucky dog! That stroller looks awesome, nice big functional baskets. Finally!!! Good for you. And I too love the cherry blossoms. Hubby and I were just talking about them on Sunday since their bloom made the national headlines.

AuntDsHandcrafts said...

Congrats on the stroller. The cherry blossoms do make me happy :) Thanks for posting the picture of them!

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