March 10, 2008

High Roller

Have you heard of the Zooper stroller line? I saw a dad pushing a double one at the mall yesterday and I fell in love.

Then I came home and looked it up online...Let's just say my dream flew out the window real quick when I saw the price tag.

Next stop, eBay.


Justice Jones said...

It's nice!

Dee said...

Yup, I have a Zooper. I bought it a few years ago on ebay.

JeniBeans said...

hey girls. just wanted to say sorry for not stopping by in a while to comment, but I got a new computer and you know what? you can't download fizzle anymore so I've got to figure out how to get something where it shows me you guys have updated and take me *with one click, hopefully* to your bloggie.

Take care and go easy on your wallets! That stroller looks nice, though!


Nerd Girl said...

Cute stroller - not such a cute price!

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