April 02, 2008

Excuse Me While I Get Mushy for a Minute...

Do you ever have one of those moments? You know, one where you witness your husband do something as a dad that just warms your heart? I experienced one of those moments on Monday...

Sunday morning I took the girls to a(nother) birthday party and one of the party favors was, of course, a helium-filled balloon. Giggles clutched hers the entire way home but Chatterbox let hers go in favor of rifling through her candy-packed goodie bag. So...when we pulled into the driveway and I opened the back door to get the girls out of their carseats, Chatterbox's balloon escaped. OH. THE HORROR. You have no idea how crushed and upset she was to watch her balloon float higher and higher until we couldn't see it anymore. She was absolutely devastated. And of course, salt was only rubbed into her wound when she realized that Giggles still had hers.

Anyway, she told hubby about the balloon when he arrived home and then asked us about it all day and again before bed. He told her that he would try and see if he could find it the next day. So, Monday came and the day passed and I came home from work to see that hubby had stopped on his way home from work and bought two brand new helium-filled balloons for the girls. Chatterbox was beside herself with delight. And I was just so touched that hubby: (1) remembered the balloon incident; and (2) actually stopped to replace it.

It was a small thing, but i
t's times like these that you realize just how full with love for your husband your heart can get...Until he uses the last of the toilet paper on the roll without replacing it and you completely forget how wonderful he was just hours earlier.

But, for that one moment, he is just the best husband and dad in the world.


A Shorter Mama said...

That WAS sweet:)

JJ said...

cool dads rock! that was great daddy!

Justice Jones said...

Awww, what a nice story. He clearly has a soft spot for his ladies. :)

Jessica said...

what a sweet daddy!

i *will* do the meme one of these days Justice Fergie, I promise

in the meantime, want me to get on the horn with my mom's groups and ask about preschool openings?

xoxo jess

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