March 26, 2008

HOW Many Months??

Ok, where did the time go? It seems like I just found out I was expecting again! And I suppose I've just been so busy with Chatterbox, Giggles, home, moving/not moving to Atlanta, work, and well, just life that I haven't been in "new baby thinking mode" at all. So imagine my surprise when someone asked me how far along I was the other day and instead of my usual response of "oh, about 6 months" I actually stopped to think about it and realized that next week I will be 7 months pregnant! Meaning three months to go. What!?

I know that July will be here in no time. And, knowing me, the baby will come early and so, ladies and gents, we are looking at sometime in June. So it's time to hunker down and start thinking about our little baby boy's arrival...Starting with the baby nursery. Since we're not moving anytime soon, we've decided to move the office to the basement and make that room into baby's. I found my decor inspiration for the room in BH&G, so we're on our way. Next, we'll need some furniture. Though we bought a nice crib for Chatterbox and were able to use it with Giggles (who never actually slept in the crib anyway), it's about 4 years old now and a little rickety, so a new crib is in order. And hubby agrees, which is a miracle in and of itself. The baby will also need a chest of drawers and, I'm thinking, an armoire of some kind since that closet is currently housing the overflow from our master bedroom closet (which is teensy). So furniture, new carpet, and new paint and we're good to go on the room.

Fortunately, I don't need too many new baby gear items but I do need a few. The stroller and infant carseat have seen better days and things like the baby monitor and Boppy cover need to be replaced. And of course I need to get boy clothes! What a concept. I figure this is also my last chance to try out cool baby stuff, so frivolous items like the Bebe Au Lait nursing cover, the Patemm pad, and a Henry Brown diaper bag are on my wish list.

In terms of "stuff," I should be covered. Now, being mentally prepared for delivery, nursing, and sleepless nights all over again? That's another issue.

Did I mention I only have 3 months to go?



Justice Jones said...

That's a lot going on but you can and will get it done, in plenty of time. Preparing for baby is always fun. Too bad you not closer to us because I have just the furniture you need up for sale. We're going to put a bunkbed in Oldest's room sometime this summer and we're going to take back Younget's room. So this summer, major garage sale at the Jonses :)

ashorterstory said...

Product rave!! I splurged on the Bebe Au Lait nursing cover and I LOVE IT!! It is pricey but sooo worth it. I get compliments all the time. It saved me from looking a fool when I had an "accident" yesterday. I just left it on and people thought it was a trendy "scarf thingy."

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