March 17, 2008

Da Weekend

But first: Happy St. Paddy's Day!

It was just another ordinary weekend for the Fergies. So naturally this meant a lot of running around, errands and the requisite birthday party to attend...

Friday I left work early to run home and tidy up/stage the house for the first of three Realtors that was coming over to give us a valuation to help us determine what price we should list our house at. The appointment was for 6:30pm, and of course he was early and rang the doorbell at 6:15pm, and, you know, in a house with two toddlers, the extra 15 minutes of cleanup time is crucial. But the Realtor was a good sport and ignored the
enormous slide in the living room, assorted WonderPets paraphenalia strewn across the hallway and assortment of ladybug rainboots in the entryway. After a thorough 45-minute presentation, he toured our house and gave the sad news: we have put in so many upgrades into our house that it does not compare with other comps in the neighborhood. For example, the two other rambler-style homes that are currently on the market in our subdivision are substantially dated inside and therefore are listed for at least $100k less that what our house should list for. The bottom line? Our house is too nice to sell in this market, in our neighborhood, unless we give it away. How crazy is that? That was something we were totally not anticipating. Here we were working away to upgrade and make sure that our house was "designed to sell" and as it turns out, we designed it not to sell. Go figure. So we are very bummed. But, I will say that the whole thing has made me feel better about the house generally. Am I boring you yet? Not yet? Well then, let me move on to Saturday.

Saturday was all about distracting Chatterbox and Giggles for the better part of the morning since all they could think about about was THE BIRTHDAY PARTY! AT CHUCKECHEESES!! That was starting at noon. I had to show Chatterbox the digital clock (it was 8:00am) and tell her that when she saw the "12:00" it would be time for the party. So we played Diego Dominoes, listened to a few
TJ Bearytales stories, colored the birthday's boy's card and watched a couple of episodes of Franklin before it was FINALLY! time to get dressed. And off to the cave-o'- germs we went. The girls had fun and the host mom was very nice to allow Giggles to join in the fun even though she technically wasn't invited. The cake cutting couldn't have come fast enough for me though. And the girls either, apparently. I kid you not - even Giggles said she wanted to go home and Chatterbox was covering her hears because "it's TOO LOUD in here, Mommy!" I couldn't have agreed more. The place is awful I tell ya.

Next stop was to a playdate at a fellow
Mocha's home. It was just what the doctor ordered. A chance for the mommies to relax and catchup and for the kids to play outside in the gorgeous weather. It was was lovely. The girls had a blast and had to be bribed to get into the car to go home. On the way back home, we passed a beautiful new development that was calling my name (can you tell I'm just itching to move somewhere??) And so we pulled into the driveway of our house, picked up Hubby who had just gotten back from football, and went back to check out the model home. Which was fabulous. Then we stopped to the local bakery for cookies and finally made it home. We were all beat, but all in all it was a fun day.

Sunday we jumped out of bed and went to IHOP. The place was beyond packed and we abandoned that plan fairly quickly and headed to a
family-owned restaurant for a country-style breakfast. There was no wait and the food was delicious. The only mishap was that they only had booster seats - no highchairs - and the regular chairs didn't have arms. So poor Giggles managed to fall off of the chair, not once, but TWICE. She was quite fine though and ate all of her french toast and bacon. Then we drove to Hubby's second favorite store to look for a special football referee whistle or something or other. We ended up having to pull over and call OnStar because, well you know, Hubby was driving and was a smidge lost. This caused Chatterbox to say repeatedly throughout the rest of the day: "Daddy has to call OnStar AGAIN!??" Which of course made me laugh over and over again. Anyway, we all came home and the girls took naps and Hubby and I were able to rest. Then, an elder from my church came over and brought us dinner! She had heard that I was having trouble getting around because of the pelvic pain associated with my pregnancy and wanted to do something for us. I was so touched by the gesture. Later that evening we took or mandatory trip to Target for various odds and ends, where I am pleased to say I also accomplished about 90% of our grocery shopping for the week. Oh along with 2 adorable Easter dresses for the gals. Gotta love that place.

So we had another full weekend. Needless to say, I can barely walk today and, in fact, the secretary was mocking me as I limped in to the office this morning.

She'll get hers.



ashorterstory said...

Hey Justice Fergie. I have to tell you I was up 45 minutes pass my bedtime reading your blogs and just had to walk away because I would have been up even later. You guys are the best and are teaching me a thing or two (or a thousand) about blogging. I am such a novice! HA! Yes this weekend was beautiful and glad to see someone else felt the same.

I have to ask you about DH football playing. My DH has been looking for a group on craigslist for weeks. He loves to play. I'll catch up with you soon about that.

As for the pelvic pain, try a chiropractor. It's the only way I got through. Must be something about boyd and their big heads!

Nerd Girl said...

You are a brave, brave woman! I never tell Lovegirl she has a birthday party until the moment we pull up to the party location. We had a party at CEC this weekend too - when we pulled up, she said "Are we going in? Oh, I hope there's not too many children in there - they are loud!" I couldn't help but laugh (I agree). Mercifully, it was relatively empty - I think everyone has abandoned CEC for the new Gattitown(sp?).

Hope everything works out with the house. I find it quite hard to strike a balance between updating, getting what you want, and not over-improving. Good luck!

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