November 26, 2007

What to Buy? What to Buy?

I refuse to wander aimlessly into a mall in search of "the perfect Christmas gift" for the folks on my list. Mainly because I do not have time to wander aimlessly (haven't had that since before August 2004) and also because, to me, that would be extremely frustrating. I mean, let's face it - shopping without a plan and a purpose is only fun if it's, well, for me. Heh heh. Last year I pretty much did the bulk of our holiday shopping online and it was dreamy, so I am going for it again this year; only I have no idea what to buy. I would love to stay away from the Macys and the Amazons and purchase unique gifts from boutique or mommade/homemade stores. Any ideas? I decided to go back and check out all of the websites that I've been saving to my "Favorites" since August 2004 to revisit when I "had some time." I did find a couple of good prospects that I had forgotten about, but I still need a few more.

Also - where (oh where?) will you all be buying your holiday toys for your little ones? It seems like Target and Toys R Us are out of the picture in light of all the recalls. Too bad - I was looking forward to getting the girls the Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse, but now I won't be able to do it in good conscience.

Too bad there really isn't a Santa. He would make my life so much easier...


Mamajama said...

Hey I just came across a great blog on this very subject. It's where I found the site that I ordered our daughter's presents from. There is a great site with doll houses listed (pricey but safe). Anyway here is the web address.

Also, I'm a moderator for Work it, Mom! ( I wanted to invite you to come and join our community. We're a free online community for all kinds of working mothers. One great thing about the website is that you can author articles. Work it, Mom doesn't ask for exclusivity, so you can even recycle something that you have already used on your blog. There are also no linking restrictions, so it's a great way to send traffic to you blog. Hope to see you there!

Dee said...

Etsy (.com) is a great site to find all kinds of handmade goodies for kids (and grownups). I also like Magic Cabin (.com). My kids are not really getting many toys from us, but instead have asked for things that are activity or hobby related which I'm thrilled about.

3XMom said...

I LOVE Etsy. I also like sites like and

good luck! Oh - and a tip on Radio City - if you want to go you have to buy tickets in April. We tried this year in August and were SOL.

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