November 28, 2007

A Manly Man

So last night we had tomato basil soup and cheesy garlic bread for dinner. A perfectly fine (and quick) meal for a chilly fall evening, if you ask me. And, to my surprise, the kids loved it! I mean they sat down and ate their entire meals without a peep (ok, maybe one or two peeps, but not the usual 450). Anyway, while I am heating up the soup on the stove, hubby comes into the kitchen, takes one look at the pot and says: "Are you gonna put anything in that?" Meaning meat. In his mind, no meal is complete without some good old carne . Pizza? Needs sausage and pepperoni. BLT sandwich? Needs turkey or ham. Fettucini Alfredo? Needs chicken. Are you getting the picture?

But the poor dear "toughed it out" last night and ate a vegetarian meal with no complaints. Though he did say: "This would be great with some sausage in it..." and "Imagine how this would taste with pieces of lobster!"

My hubby -- truly a manly man.

Tonight we're having beef.

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Justice Jones said...

I love, love, love Tomato soup!! Especially before my meal. Ha, ha! You can't blame hubby, even if it's all in my head, I don't feel full if I have a "vegetarian" meal. I'm not a red meat person, but at least some seafood, and lobster sounds just about right. :)

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