November 21, 2007

Never a Dull Moment...

Is there such a thing as blog neglect? If so, I am totally guilty. Things have been so hectic around these parts!
  • Chatterbox has been having the worst case of nighttime indigestion. For the past week she has woken up out of her sleep complaining of stomach pains. And she's even vomited in our bed 3 times. Poor thing. We are wondering if she is developing an allergy of some sort. Maybe to her milk?

  • Chatterbox is also going through something at school. She's had potty accidents twice in two weeks, which is totally unlike her. I have a sneaking suspicion that she doesn't really like the (grumpy) teacher's aide, so we are keeping an eye on that. We are considering asking to have her switch classes.

  • After a friend's birthday dinner over the weekend the valet banged up my new car while parking it. SO annoying. They have agreed to repair it though.

  • I am now a teacher in the children's ministry at my church. It's fun but of course is another thing added to my full plate.

  • Friday hubby and I went out with some friends to dinner and a concert. It was a wonderful night out.

  • Plans are finally in full swing for our move to the Atlanta area. So we are preparing to do a few renovations to the house to get it in prime selling condition.

  • Last but not least, the holidays are here! Let the madness begin.

Time willing, I plan to be back in blogging mode next week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

1 comment:

Mrs. Schmitty said...

I've been so neglectful of my blog too. It's a crazy time of year!

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