November 15, 2007

Love It! Thursdays: Grocery Delivery

Whew! It's been such a hectic couple of weeks. Hopefully, I'll be back on the blog in full force next week. Last night as I was sorting through the mail and watching ANTM, I came across some coupons for free grocery delivery for the Peapod by Giant grocery delivery service. Jackpot! I am so using these asap. So anyway, I figured today would be the perfect time to tell you all about it...

Back when I was on maternity leave with Giggles I received a coupon for free grocery delivery for Peapod, and since my mom used to always rave about her grocery delivery service, I thought I'd give it a shot. Well knock my socks off! It was awesome. You go online, register (it's free) and start shopping. You can browse the grocery store by aisle just as if you were actually in the store, or you can just type in what you are looking for and it'll be pulled up onto your screen. Once you're done shopping, you choose a delivery time (they offer discounts for "off" times like 6am or 3pm), enter your payment info, and ta da!You're done.

The great thing about ordering online is that the groceries come from the warehouse, not the regular store, so the items are all super fresh and there is often a better selection to choose from. And you can change and update your order up until a couple of hours before delivery, so forgetting something isn't a big deal. My first experience with it was so great that I've done is several times since, even paying the delivery fee once (it was around $6).
The only downsides to this service are (1) the delivery fee, but really it's not unreasonable; and (2) you have to pay close attention when purchasing items like produce for quantities (i.e. at the grocery you may pick up a 2lb bag of grapes, but online you buy by the pound, so entering the number "1" as the quantity may get you 1lb of grapes, which may be less than you expected).

So here's my verdict:

Grocery Delivery Service = $6 - unless you have a coupon!

Not having to deal with getting to the store, kids in tow, finding out certain items are out of stock, waiting in a long checkout line, loading and unloading the car, and realizing you forgot to get the butter = PRICELESS.

I give the Peapod by Giant Grocery Delivery Service:

4 gavels: "Liked it. I would definitely recommend it."


Susan said...

I dabbled with this through Amazon's subscription grocery service. Pampers show up on my porch periodically, and we never run out! I'd love to expand this to more things like milk, toilet paper, etc.

Justice Jones said...

I did this when we lived in DC. Where I live now, forget about it! It's unheard of (madness) I would love to have this option again.

Great review!

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