November 08, 2007

Love It! Thursdays

I feel like sh!t today - I think I picked up a virus from DD. She's been carrying around one version or another of a cold for the past couple of months. So, it's finally made its way to mama.

Anyway, I think that my feeling today is fitting for the topic of this week's LIT - diaper pails. I know it's not the best topic in the world, because no one wants to talk about this disgusting topic. BUT, when your entire home smells like poop, you'll find yourself looking for options.

On the advice of veteran mom J. Jones, I purchased the diaper champ before DD arrived. It has worked out well considering that DD turns 2 years in two weeks and I've had the diaper champ all along. This diaper pail is almost smell proof and it uses any size or type of bag available. It's pretty large too, so I typically only change the bag once a week. When I get concerned about the scent, I throw a packet of Arm'n'Hammer baking soda scent remover in the pail and voila, it's all good.

I give the Diaper Champ

5 gavels - Loved it! Can't live without it!

Please share with us what types of pails you use and remember to link back to us.


Justice Fergie said...

i totally missed the boat on this one. i got caught up the hype and got the diaper genie that was all the rage. all i can say was that the name is false advertising because there is NO magic involved. you had buy refills for the bags and it really didn't seal the scent. after about 2 or 3 months we abandoned the diaper genie and have been using the old fashioned kitchen trash can ever since (which we change daily). i give the diaper genie 1 gavel!!

Justice Jones said...

Great LIT, if I do say so myself. :) And I love the suggestion of the baking soda packet. I'll have to try that. We've had ours for three years this November and it's still going strong!

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