May 15, 2007

Week One: Weigh In

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Gimme an F! an E! an R! and a G-I-E! Gooooo FERGIE!!

Oh don't mind them - that's just my personal weight loss cheerleading squad. They're quite motivating. If not a tad obtrusive during my work meetings.

But they're cheering because...I'm back on track with my weight loss. Today ends the first week of the Tales from the Scales weight loss challenge. I weighed in this morning and, since I started my diet in January, I've now lost a total of 14lbs [that's 3.2lbs since last week]. So, I am almost halfway to my goal. I've started counting my points again after slacking for the past month, which is the reason for the big loss this past week. And I also started walking in the evenings after work.

As for my challenges? Well, I've had a couple. First, my lunchtime aerobics instructor quit so I'm back to relying on myself to fit in a workout, which is tough. Second, I stopped doing WW online and have been doing it on paper, which is also a bit tougher. Third, since I've lost this weight, I've dropped to the next WW points range which means that instead of being able to eat 24 points per day, I now can only eat 22 points per day to see weight loss results. And boy do those extra 2 points make a big difference! Also, this past weekend did not help my cause since we ate out twice and it's much harder for me to stay on track with my points once I leave my doorstep.

So that's my report for Week 1. So far so good. But before I go, let me share a few of my favorite things to eat that are low in points but aren't necessarily "diet" food. Which I hate.

Campbell's Select Microwaveable Bowls:
Soo yummy! And filling. My favorites are Chicken with Egg Noodles (3 pts); Savory Lentil (4 pts); Italian-Style Wedding (4 pts); and Mexican Style Chicken Tortilla (5 pts). I love them because I can eat a hot, satisfying lunch for under 5 points. And I can toss the bowl into my purse and bring it with me to work. Just make sure to pay attention to the nutrition label - each bowl actually counts as 2 servings, not 1.

Dole Fruit Bowls:
These are great because they are only 1 point! And you can get one of your fruit servings from it. And they're good for your kids too. And of course, you can throw it in your purse.

Quaker Granola Bites:
I just discovered these this week. Each pack is 2 pts. Crunchy, tasty, wholesome and they come in Chocolate, Cinnamon and Peanut Butter. Yay. Oh wait I almost forgot: And they're good for your kids too. And of course, you can throw it in your purse.

See ya back here next week! I'll bring the cheering squad.


Beth said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! I am so so so so proud of you!!

JeniBeans said...

WOW, I'm proud of you too! Great job, Fergie! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Robin said...

Way to go! Thanks for the lunch tips - I'm going shopping today!

anniemcq said...

Congrats on your weight loss! You're inspiring me to do it too!

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