May 14, 2007

I'll Take *Lovely* for $1000, Alex

I have good news and bad news...Whatch'a wanna hear first?

The Bad News: My Mother's Day Weekend has come to a close.

The Good News: It was lovely! Remember my fun-filled day of errands on Friday? Well, as it turns out, I ended up at the mall for about 3 hours and mopped nary a floor and folded nary a towel. It was great! And I have about 5 new outfits (hooray!) and of course a fly pair of shoes (HOORAY!) to show for it. And I was able to get the shoes with a giftcard that hubby gave to me in 2005 (no joke) so that just sweetened the deal. Thanks Hubs! [Of course his response when I got home was "You wasted that gift card on SHOES?" Will he never understand?]

Saturday the gals and I lazed around in the beautiful weather outside all morning. Well, the gals splashed around in their kiddie pool and I lazed. *Lovely* Then Saturday afternoon was the annual Mother's Day Pink Party with my mother's group. Everyone dresses up in their prettiest of pinks and we celebrate motherhood over a deliciously catered meal in a beautifully decorated backyard. The hostess even gave out Certificates of Appreciation to all of the moms for our "dedication and hard work at the most challenging, fulfilling and important job of motherhood." Amen! Then, Hubby, the gals and I went out for dinner (yes, I was already stuffed) to a cozy authentic Mexican restaurant and then for an evening drive. It was lovely evening. Oh! And then I came home to a sweet card from my Sis and delivery of gorgeous roses and lilies from my Dad wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. *Lovely*

Sunday, Hubby and the girls brought me breakfast in bed. Well, actually the girls jumped all over me and the bed begging for my food as I tried to watch the mother-daughter episode of How Do I Look "alone." Then Oldest and I went to church where I was greeted with a beautiful corsage and Mother's Day card from the Teen Ministry inscribed with:

"It's Mother's Day...May the world bloom in your honor!

Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30"

Very true. But my new shoes are still slamming.

And after church, the family went to to a Caribbean buffet brunch. It.Was.So.Good. I'm still stuffed. *Lovely* We topped the night off watching the latest episode of the Sopranos. [Can you BELIEVE what Tony did to Christopher? He's cold man. Real cold.]

And that was my weekend. Did I mention that it was just *lovely*?

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anniemcq said...

What a great mother's day! Your pink party sounds amazing! How great to have all those moms to hang with. We moved to a new community a year ago, and while I'm slooooowly making friends, I miss my mom friends somethin' fierce.

I found your blog through Tracey at More Than A Minivan Mom. I had to comment about the Sopranos. I am usually really squeamish about violence, but I have to watch Tony and Co. every week. I actually gasped out loud when he did that, but last week, when Christopher pulled HIS gun, I actually had to put my hands over my mouth to keep myself from yelling "OH MY GOD!" too loud.
I can't believe it's coming to an end! Yikes - what will they do?

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