May 11, 2007

Fruit Snack Detox: Days 4 and 5

Drumroll please...not one mention of fruit snacks in the past two days! Unbelievable. And really, this makes me feel a whole lot better because this means that she wasn't quite addicted to them so much as that she just loves to eat them if they're around. Mission Accomplished.


On another note, today I am taking a Mental Health Day - Woo Hoo! A day all to myself to do things for myself. And I am going to start by running to the grocery, buying two kinds of milk (because Heaven forbid that both children would actually drink the same type of milk), and drop the milk off at daycare because they ran out and I only found out late last night when hubby's selective memory decided to remember what the teacher told him on the frivolous topic of the nutrition of our offspring. [And yet he managed to remember to check and see if he had the proper size wrench to adjust the in-ground sprinklers yesterday at 6pm. Hey, you win some.] AND THEN, I am going to come home and clean the house, do laundry, run a few errands...and then I will have all day about 30 minutes of the day to myself to do things for myself.

I'd better get going.


Justice Jones said...

That doesn't even sound right. Take the day for YOURSELF!

tAnYeTTa said...

Slow down. I'm worn out just reading your to do list :)

Please! update us when you do something just for yourself. NO running errands, Nothing! Just lock yourself in the room and play old skool music jamming in your bunny slippers. :)

Justice Fergie said...


that sounds like a GREAT plan Tanyetta! you may be onto something...

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