May 07, 2007

Fergie Family Fruit Snack Detox: Day One

So yesterday Oldest ate the last pack of fruit snacks that were in our house during church. [Oh come on! How else do you expect me to keep her sitting quietly for two hours?] The funny part was when she had to go to the front of the church to accept an award from the Children's Ministry. Of course she was clutching an opened pack of her beloved snacks and unknowingly trailing them behind her as she walked up the aisle. I was following behind her hurriedly picking them up one by one as she walked up there. Like a flower girl of sorts. Except without the cute headband or rose petals. It was pitiful.

Yesterday was also grocery shopping day. And you will be so proud to know that I didn't buy any fruit snacks! I have to be totally honest and tell you that I REALLY thought about it. I mean REALLY. I stood in the aisle staring at them for a good three minutes. I was like "well, they really aren't all that bad" and "what if i got another kind of fruit snack instead?" and "maybe I should just get one box in case of emergency." And then I realized I was being ridiculous and rolled on out of that aisle. Luckily Oldest wasn't with me or it would have been on.

When I got home she was delighted to see the grocery bags I had with me. She said: "Mommy! Grocery! Fruit Snacks! Oranges! Popsicles!" And I had to say [with a little bit of apprehension] "Mommy didn't get any fruit snacks, honey. They didn't have any. They were all gone. Lord, forgive me. But Mommy did get oranges! And grapes! And popsicles! High Five!" And she looked crushed for a milisecond but quickly recovered at the mention of popsicles. So folks, I have sucessfully substituted one sugar-filled snack for another. Great parenting!

I think I'll try and make her homemade popsicles with 100% fruit juice and chucks of real fruit. Yes, it'll still be sugar, but at least I'll feel better. And isn't that what this is really all about?


Tracey R. said...

Okay, picking up the fruit snacks behind her like a flower girl killed me. Great post!

Melissa said...

Great job mom! It's tough to do the right thing sometimes isn't it?

JeniBeans said...

Argh. I found the remains of a Jelly Belly in the carpet the other day. Looks like a huge green booger...squashed. I still don't know how I'm going to get it out.

Homemade popcicles from fruit juice sounds YUMMY!

Justice Ny said...

It sounds like there is potential for a great (and funny) story. Keep us posted on your detox efforts!

Anonymous said...

Hey you know they make sugar free popcicles! You know that's the ONLY kind I'll let the boys eat. R U kidding me? If not, I would hear them singing "The Wheels On the Bus" at 11 at night!

Justice Fergie said...

Was that you Auntie Fe?

I know they make sugar free popsicles, but I hate giving my kids those fake additives like Splenda. Life is too short - it should be real sugar (in moderation) or none at all!

Jenibeans: good luck with that jelly bean! the carpet in the girls' room is beyond repair so we've decided to just trash it and buy a new one this weekend :)

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