March 19, 2007

Mama in Training (Potty that is)

Okay, so it's week two of trying to potty train Daughter. This is much harder than I remember. So far, it's not clicking. We read the books, watched the video, have even practiced sitting and wiping for months. We even had a few successes. But now that we have Daugther in big girl panties, we are not having any luck. I have learned the following though:

1. A lot of liquid can come out of a 26 pound little girl. A LOT! Enough to totally cover the inside a travel size luggage perfect for Daughter to use as her "car." I won't tell you what else has been the victim of her accidents.

2. You have to teach Daddies how to put on panties. Yesterday, when I was stripping Daugther for her bath, I found that the crotch of her panty was on her hip. So I ask Daddy how this was possible since he was the last one to put on her 4th pair of fresh panties and he explained that the tag confused him. He even said that he put it on two different times before it "looked right." Somehow, the crotch on the hip looked right.

    3. It's much more exciting to pee anywhere but the potty. I am beginning to think she actually thinks the purpose is not to go in the potty.

    4. Daughter loves her Dora panties. They bring joy to her day, especially since she's into picking out her own clothes to wear (believe it or not). So now I get to wait for her to pick which pair to wear next. Lovely!

    5. Now that we have discovered Dora panties, Daughter has no intentions of ever wearing a pullup again. Even though I have been the only person ever doing the pulling up, or down, it's a wrap now that Dora comes all pretty in pink, purple, and green.

    6. This training business is a whole lot of work! Especially with two other kiddies around. This was a breeze when I had one. Actually, everything was a breeze when I had one.


    Justice Ny said...

    DH is hilarious. I cannot comment on the whole potty-training business because DD is not there as yet...but I will sure need some advice in a few months. But back to DH, how funny. You would swear that he's never seen a pair of panties before. How could the crotch end up on the hip -- and it appear right, is beyond me. But all you can do is laugh. There is so muc hcomedy in this thing called parenthood:)

    Justice Fergie said...

    DH is hilarious. But typical. They must have some gene that prohibits them from putting girl clothes on their daughters properly. You can only imagine the outfits I've seen.

    Good luck with the potty training! It's tough. You have to be consistent. Also, have you tried the "potty bootcamp"? Seems to work for some...

    Oh, and it's all about the My Little Pony panties in my house. It's so serious.

    Justice Jones said...

    Yes, DH is very funny. Of course I had a lot of questions regarding how this was possible and he responded something about the tag and he couldn't figure out where it belonged and how it confused him. Who knows. I did enjoy a good laugh. Another one for the books!

    And what is potty bootcamp? Is it where you just do not use diapers? I did that for about four days straight. No luck. THe first day she did okay. Then the next day she was done with the whole thing. She knows what she's doing because she comments each time, with a smile of course.

    The Wilson's said...

    How funny. My son is 3 1/2 almost 4. He is potty trained, but we are still working on #2. He is 75% successful. Ha Ha!!! DH is funny, but I will have to admit. I have put my sons underwear on backwards several times!!! Hee I feel for him...

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