March 19, 2007

Stressed out at work

I am soooooo stressed out at work. And one would think it's because I have a lot of work. But that's not it at all.....I'm so sick of some of the people that I work with. They are great people and fun to be around - but no sense of professionalism AT ALL. I didn't realize that I would be so bothered by co-workers. I can't rely on any of the support staff for support, so I find myself having to stay later than I expect, and it's definitely impacting my ability to get home and play with DD. Anyway....just venting. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow.

Have a great week folk!


Bigger Hugs said...


Justice Jones said...

Oh no!! I know what it is like to have some ill feelings about work. Especially when you spend the majority of your time there. Do whatever you can to make the situation better for you now. I regret the almost three half years I spent at my last job. I was so miserable. I am such a different person now. It's amazing. I didn't realize how much I was unhappy with my job. I hope things get better! Can you have an office meeting or something? Talk to your supervisor? If the staff is not doing their job, you shouldn't have to pick up their slack.

Justice Fergie said...

That's awful! I agree with everything that J. Jones said. Life is too short and your well-being is too precious to let other people mess it up. So do what you need to do for you! Try to talk to your supervisor and staff if you can.

Having a job that you like makes a WORLD of difference! And a better wife and mommy too :-)

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