March 19, 2007

Menu Plan Monday - Abridged

This one couldn't be easier! Since we leave for Miami on Wednesday, I only have to make meals for 2 days...




Now I just need to get our lives in order by Wednesday. Laundry, pack, wrap up projects at work, get my hair done, get a pedicure (if I'm lucky), tidy up the house, etc. Wish me luck. Ha!

For more "cop-out" menu plans, visit Org Junkie (She only has to cook 2 meals this week too!)


org junkie said...

Yes, what is a trip without the hours worth of work to prepare for

Have a good one!!


Justice Ny said...

Also remember that you can always get your hair done (if there's a place that you trust in MIA) and you can definitely get a pedicure in don't stress out about getting it all done before you leave.

Justice Fergie said...

Thanks Laura!

Yes, J. Ny I know you're right but it's just easier to do it all before I leave. Otherwise I have to worry about finding a place, leaving the kids, getting directions, blah blah blah. If I can do it tomorrow morning at my 2 trusted places here I can be in and out and just enjoy the trip. But thanks -- you're always looking out for my stress levels :)

Melissa said...

Oh enjoy!! I'm so jealous!!

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