January 15, 2007

You Know You Have too Many Kids When.....

Okay, here's a cute one that I have been meaning to share since last week. So hubby and I were doing the bedtime rounds one school night. This means giving everyone a bath and then putting the two little ones to sleep. We normally stick all three in the tub and then go down the assembly line with scrubbing, brushing teeth, cleaning ears, etc. and then take them out one by one and swap them out. Well, our 5 year old sometimes likes to stay in a little longer and play in the tub. No problem, so long as he agrees to climb out himself and put on his PJs that are left right next to his towel and play quietly until it's time to read the book or go to bed. He's 5 so he's big enough to dry and dress himself. Anyhow, so I took Little Brother out, dressed him and then nursed him to sleep since he was exhausted and he didn't want to rejoin the group. So hubby took daughter out, dressed her, read her a book, etc. We both met downstairs about 20 minutes later. Hubby and I were lounging around enjoying the peace and quite and satisfication of being to enjoy the rest of the night for ourselves with all the kids asleep. Well, at 9:45, here comes Oldest, asking, "is someone going to get me dessert?" I look at hubby and he looks at me and we both say, "I thought you put him to sleep!" Apparently, we both assumed that the other checked in on Oldest to make sure he got himself dressed and then put him to bed at his usual time. Nope! Now it was way past his bedtime and it was a school night. Needless to say, he was exhausted the next day but he thought it was really cool that he got to stay up late on a school night.


Revka said...

That's funny. I've forgotten my kids like that, too. It's not hard to do.

Jen said...

That sounds like something we would do. I can't imagine having more than 2 kids to keep track of.

PS Thanks for posting a link to your movie review. :)

PSS You had asked me about our family fun night. We keep it really simple: Usually we cook something the kids will love or have pizza, play 1 or 2 board games and then have ice cream. Sometimes we switch it up a bit and watch a movie (still have ice cream) or if we are really feeling daring we go out somewhere (that isn't typical).

The Disney travel newsletter is something I put out for my travel agency. It usually has deals, promotions or tips for WDW. Let me know if you'd like to be added to my mailing list. :)

Was that the LONGEST comment in history or what!??

Justice Fergie said...

that is too funny. having personally witnessed bathtime at your house, i can say that you really can't be blamed for losing track of one kiddie -- you've got a lot going on!

Justice Ny said...

This is so hilarious. Now you guys must know that the oldest is a very well-behaved child because he was awake way past his bedtime AND he didn't get into anything. BUt as usual...too funny:)

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