January 15, 2007

*UPDATED* Menu Plan Monday


I'm trying my first Menu Plan Monday post this week. I kind of do this on my own [in my head] anyway so it will help to organize my week if I actually put it in writing...Before I forget, I made the best Chicken/Veggie/Stuffing Casserole on Friday. Basically, you season chicken breasts and put them into a baking dish; then toss mixed veggies (I used the frozen ones in a bag) with chicken gravy from the can (surprisingly low fat!); Pour the veggie mixture over the chicken; top with Stove Top stuffing (mix the stuffing with water according to the directions first). Then bake! It was so easy and very yummy.

Ok, here is our menu for the week:

Monday: Pizza Hut (hey! I had the thin crust)
Tuesday: Lasagna Bake and Caesar Salad*
Wednesday: Turkey BLTs and Oven Fries
Thursday: Lite Chicken Pot Pie
Friday: Free for All for Hubby and Oldest -- it's Mama's Night Out!

Saturday: Hamburgers and Roasted Red Potatoes
Sunday: Leftovers or Out to Eat

Hmmm...this was harder than I thought!

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*Amazing. It's only Day 2 and already I've managed to screw up the menu plan. Mommy got held up at work by an annoying co-worker and then stuck in traffic on her way home from work and got home late so by the time that she got in the door her family was already eating leftover pizza, so no lasagna bake tonite. Yes, she is quite aware that cheese pizza contains 0% of a toddler's daily allowance of vegetables.


org junkie said...

Looks like a great menu...thanks for participating!

Jen said...

Mmmm...Turkey BLTs sound really good. I always forget about making simple stuff like that.

Have a fun Mom's night out!

Revka said...

I usually make a 2-week plan because I go grocery shopping when my husband gets paid every 2 weeks. Making a menu is harder than you would think, but it will definitely save time, money, and stress. I incorporate at least one easy (i.e. hotdogs, hamburgers, or sandwiches) meal per week. If you keep doing this, you will find that you develop a master list that you rotate. At least that is what has happened for me.

Justice Jones said...

Great tips Revka! Here's my little tip -for pizza night I steam some veggies (carrots/broccoli or both) and make it the side. It always makes me feel a lot better about cutting corners. My 5 year old knows the deal now, no veggies no pizza. Daughter is still too young to act like she doesn't like broccoli. In fact, she loves her veggies and fruit!

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