January 14, 2007

Because You Don't Really Need to Hear About Our Trip to IKEA...

I thought that instead I'd give you a review of my chick flick movie of the week: "Friends With Money" starring Jennifer Aniston. Last month I realized just how many movies I'd been missing since the baby invasion and decided to put a stop to the madness. So, I've been trying to catch up on my "girly" movies [usually when hubby is out with the boys or our doing sports league-y stuff] on a weekly basis.

The movie was decent. I didn't have high expectations because I hadn't heard much about it when it was actually in theatres but I liked the previews and I love anything with Joan Cusack. Basically, the movie was about Jennifer Aniston and her group of friends (all of whom are married except for her) and the crises they are going through at this stage in their lives. JA is working as a maid and gets flack from her girlfriends who are both wealthy. Of course having money doesn't mean you have it all, so her friends' marriages have their share of issues (one's husband is suspected to be gay; the other's is mean and self-absorbed) Frances McDormand steals the show as a high-end fashion designer who has a mini-emotional breakdown after she turns 43. One of JA's friends sets her up with a jerk who uses her for sex and money, but in the end, she ends up with a sweet guy whose house she cleaned and he ends up being an heir to millions.

All in all it was a cute movie but nothing to write home [ok, or maybe even a blog post] about.

Alright, if you must know, we spent 2 hours in IKEA and all we came out with was a stainless steel rack for the kitchen to house our Smithsonian-worthy collection of baby bottles, sippy cups, bottle brushes and other assorted novelties. But the swedish meatballs were fantastic. And no, not part of my diet plan.


Jen said...

I totally agree with your review of "Friends with Money". It was nothing special, but at the same time a decent movie. I liked it more than my husband.

I'm thinking of doing a "Monday Morning Movie Review" on my blog and putting up a linky for others to do the same. Feel free to link your review.

Justice Fergie said...

hi jen!

i think the MMMR is a good idea. AND i'm impressed that your husband actually sat through that movie :)

Reel Fanatic said...

Perhaps its just a dude thing, but I didn't like Friends With Money much at all, mostly because I couldn't find anything to like in any of the characters .. I normally like all those actresses quite a bit (especially Catherine Keener and Frances McDormand), but this one just left me cold

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