January 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Need to Get Rid of in My Garage

Yes, I realize I am one day late but it has been a hectic week! Here are 13 things I need to give away, throw away, or put in storage that are in my garage that currently consume an entire space and make it impossible to even get out of the other space. I have included a picture of the disaster zone for your viewing pleasure.

1…. Get rid of the infant car seat that is over 5 years old. It probably was recalled years ago, but we keep it "just in case" there is an emergency and someone has to leave the house with Little B. So far, there has only been one such incident and that was when hubby was home with all three and he needed to get them out of the house before they (read, he) went crazy. So he took them to Chic-Fil-A.

2. The bassinette I bought for daughter two years ago. It's pink and pretty and I finally took it out of our bedroom but I refuse to get rid of it. I have considered keeping it for daughter when she has children but I don't think it will hold up. It's nothing really fancy. Just a nice looking Graco bassinette. It's not meant to be saved for years and years.

3. My file boxes from when I left the firm. I have a nice office that I can put all this stuff away in, however, I just haven't had the energy to load up my car, and then unload, then unpack all of those files.

4. My maternity clothes. Clearly, I am not having any more kids. I'm hanging on to it for the next preggers person I know.

5. My African statutes that I bought while in the Domincan Republic about 8 years ago. I told myself I was going to sell them on Ebay, just never got around to it.

6. Artwork. See number 5 above.

7. Oldest's training bike with a popped chain. So far, no one has tried to fix it. In fact, Santa replaced it one year so now we have two training bikes. He has outgrown them both. I suppose I can save the good one for Little Brother.

8. Some of hubby's tools, especially the ones that he bought, never used, or couldn't figure out how to use. I'm sure there is enough money to send one of our kids to college if we sold even half of the tools.

9. Pool toys. Put them in storage!

10. Christmas decorations. This consumes at least 20 % of useful space.

11. Hubby's punching bag thing. Bought it for him Christmas 2001 per his request. He used it that day. Has never used it since!

12. Propane indoor grill that someone gave to us Christmas 2002. I think it was regifted to us because the propane tank that the manual said, was included, was in fact not included. The grill looks really nice. Just never got around to calling
the manufacturer and ordering the replacement tank.

13. Last but not least, the Pack-n-Play, swing, and a bunch of other infant necessities that I'm saving for my brother and his wife who "one day" plan to have lots of babies. This could all be in storage.

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Justice Fergie said...

love your list! sounds like my basement. re-load your pic -- we can't see it.

Jill said...

Jones, I know it,s increadable how much junk we can accumulate!! I have a storage problem in my room!! Too much stuff, not enough space!!
my tt is up!

Justice Fergie said...

love the pic. your garage looks like the stroller display at BRU.

www.JusticeJonesie.com/blog said...

Hey, I'll buy your Pizza Hut Pizza if you can count how many strollers are in the picture!! :) (JK!!).

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