January 02, 2007

All Good Things...

Ah...the end of our wonderful 4-day weekend is coming to an end. Usually, I hate when the weekend is over but this time I really can't complain since I've only been to work 2 days since December 21st. AND...this will be an even shorter week for me since Friday is my off day. I could get used to working 2 days a week.

Besides that fact, we had a great weekend. I spent Friday evening dishing and delighting in tasty cocktails and desserts at our monthly Mocha Moms Moms Night Out. I came home at 1am! [Trust me, this is freakishly late for me ever since Oldest arrived in '04] It was a fun evening. Saturday we hung out in our PJ's all day (which is very rare). With the help of my fantabulous friend Nat, I was able to tackle the monstrous task of unpacking us from our Christmas trip. And, I even took down the tree and the rest of our decorations. Quite productive, doncha think? Hubby and I watched a bad thriller during which I fell asleep halfway [I did wake up in time to see the killer almost kill the heroine only to be killed by LL Cool J who we thought had already been killed. My thoughts exactly.] Sunday another rarity occurred -- Oldest and I went to church with Nat. She is a consistent encourager and supporter of us attending so we went to visit her new church home. It was...very interesting! It is a church geared towards the younger generation and was very lively and informal. This is the second church I've been to in the past 2 weeks where everyone wears jeans -- a different concept for me, but I can appreciate it. Anyhoo, after church and after an unplanned shopping spree at Trader Joe's [new find of the week: Coconut Curry Chicken Rolls!] I cleaned the rest of the house and then we went to J. Ny's house to ring in the New Year. We had a good time -- the kids especially! -- and came home around 1am [again!] I have to shout out J. Ny's hubby for cooking a fab meal. The man's got skillz :) The only bummer was that on our way home some crazy threw something at our car!! It was so scary. Whatever it was, it hit our rear windshield very hard and we ended up pulling over by one of the many useless police cruisers to check it out. Luckily nothing was broken and no one was hurt, but geez! This is why I stay in the 'burbs. Yesterday we ran errands. Surprisingly a lot of stores were open. Oh! I finally got the food processor that I said I was gonna get with Oldest. Now that Youngest only wants "table food" I figure I'd better get with the program. Today hubby made french toast for breakfast and I tackled our bedroom dresser, turned the laudry room shelves into a pantry [which cleared the top of the fridge!], took inventory of the toys in the family room and cleaned out the front coat closet. Whew! A lot of work but about time and we had a nice sized donation to make to the thrift store. I also took Oldest to the doctor to see about her neverending cough but [as I suspected] they said she was fine and that it will probably resolve itself, and played with Youngest for 3 hours straight while Oldest napped. That was fun. We tried the Trader Joe's Teriyaki Pineapple Salmon for dinner. Yummy, but needed more sauce.

All in all, a relaxing, productive and fun weekend. Back to the salt mines tomorrow!


Revka said...

That sounds like fun! And isn't it nice to have a short work week, too?

Justice Jones said...

What a great fried Nat is to help keep the girls busy while you get 3 days worth of work done in a few hours!

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