December 19, 2006

Petition for reconsideration

Earlier this month I posted a comment about the in-laws and Christmas and I expressed how bothered I was feeling by the fact that they wanted us to go up there (AGAIN) and spend Christmas with them. I really wanted to stay at home so "my" family (i.e. DH &DD) could spend it together and so DD could enjoy waking up in her own bed and coming down to open all her presents. Anyway, I said nothing and have done nothing about the situation and simply had faith that it would all work itself out.

So yesterday, DH said "I think we should spend Christmas here and leave for the in-laws later on Christmas Day so DD could wake up in her bed and we could have Christmas breakfast together." I was stunned. It took everything in me not to say "that's exactly what I was thinking and wanting." I was so thrilled that he felt this way and even more excited that he's finally getting that we're "his family" now and that he needs to put us first. Nothing against the relatives, but for many, many years they have seemed to forget that he's got his own family (even before DD arrived) and that they need to respect the sanctity of our relationship. And for an equal amount of time, I've been trying to get DH to understand the same. He treats his family as our family and it's just not the same.

Anyway...all this to say that with faith things work out the way you want it. Maybe not in your time, but in His time. So, keep the faith (and sometimes it may be best to keep the mouth shut too because had I suggested this and finally shared my thoughts/feelings, I would have been villified).


Justice Fergie said...

How great J. Ny!!! I'm so glad that it all worked out. Yes, sometimes it does pay to keep your mouth shut (and it always pays to have faith). This goes back to my earlier post about letting your husband think that something was his idea to begin with in order to make it happen. Now, when DD wakes on Christmas morning and happily opens her gifts in her home, and everything is great, the hard part will be you holding your tongue from saying "I told you so!" But seriously, marriage is all about compromise and so staying home for Christmas morning and going to your in-laws afterwards is a good compromise.

About the "new family" issue: I was very worried about not spending Christmas this year with my mom since I've never been away from her on Christmas, but she said: "You have your own little family now. Spending time with them is what you are supposed to do..." So her understanding of the situation makes going to my SIL's for the holidays that much easier. Glad that your DH understands that now too!

Awww, don't the holidays make you all warm and fuzzy inside? :)

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