December 17, 2006

Isn't It Ironic?

You expend every last ounce of energy taking care of your family's needs (sometimes while grumbling about it) and taking care of the responsibilities that each day brings, all the while thinking: "It would be so great if I could just spend time by myself or with my girlfriends." Then, you miraculously find the time to go and get your hair done or enjoy a girls' night out and then, about 2 hours into it, you start to get a strange feeling - do you know which one I mean? - and you begin to hear a teeny voice in your head that says: "I wonder what my family is up to. I hope everyone is ok. I miss them..."

This evening I went out to celebrate a birthday with one of my closest friends. We had a fabulous evening complete with great food, great drinks and great conversation. But...I just couldn't get home fast enough. Even though by the time I got home the girls were already in bed, I was glad to be here. Isn't it ironic? When you're home, you sometimes look forward to being someplace else and when you're someplace else, all you look forward to is being at home. It's simple, really. It's because at home is where you belong. Because that's where your heart is.


Justice Ny said...

I absolutely concur. I get away for an hour and I'm wondering whether they're okay. And not so much whether they're breathing; but wondering what they are doing....and more so what they are doing without me. So much so that I want to be home doing whatever they're doing, so we can all do it together -- even if that means sleeping.

That's a bit crazy because as you say, you LONG to get some "me" time, but I've found (and accepted) that "me" time just isn't the same anymore. Maybe I'm still too young in the process and will wish for "me" time later on....we'll see.

Revka said...

I can SO relate. The girls can be driving me absolutely nuts, but if I were to go somewhere without them or even if they were to go to someone's house, I would be missing them in very short order. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, huh?

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