December 19, 2006

Electronic Communications...

Isn't email fantastic? It's amazing how many household/marital/miscellaneous arguments DH and I resolve via email. You can properly articulate your thoughts, give calm replies and everything is memorialized! I know I sound like a nutjob, but really - it works for us! For some things. Other issues require a good 'ol face-to-face spat.

No, our relationship isn't dysfunctional at all.


Justice Jones said...

"Years ago," Hubby and I used to have vicious fights over email, then we would have even longer discussions on why our marriage was doomed to fail. It was only until about one kid ago, that we finally stopped the nasty exchanges. With counseling, not only has our marriage changed, but so has the context of our emails. Now we use emails to send little cute/loving messages to each other from time to time, or even to invite the other person on a date. Even more often, since I'm his personal assistant, I send him numerous emails to keep him on schedule or updated on family business. For example, me to him - "Reminder that tomorrow you have an appointment with the doctor at 9 am." Or, him to me, "Please call the doctor's office and make me an appointment for next week."
Why is it that Wives also have to serve as personal assistants to their husbands?? It used to be cute, now it's yet another job I have to do. I suppose I do not really mind, but at the same time, I really wish I had a wife to help me out. I suppose that's what a nanny is. In fact, that really is what a nanny is. In most cases, she's like your stunt double. She fills in for you when for whatever reason, you can not do the acting.

Justice Fergie said...

It's great that the context of your emails has changed. DH and I also send each other little messages and reminders (in addition to airing out issues!) and it works out well. What's also funny is that we talk to each other on the phone several times per day. I thought that this was normal, but in speaking to some other married friends, it seems that we are not the norm. Anyway, I like that we talk on the phone and email each other. It also helps because once we get home, chaos reigns and we may not necessarily have the time to chit chat.

On the personal assistant note: Yes, we are personal assistants for our husbands. And for our children! Good thing I love to make appointments, fill out forms and create calendars (it's ok - you can call me a nerd!) I'm not sure if a nanny would do all that though. Have you guys heard of this new job called a "House Manager"? That's precisely what I need.

Ok, one more thing. I sometimes try to delegate some things to DH to simplify my life. Let's just say that he was tasked with getting the holiday cards printed (since he is computer savvy) since the weekend. It's appears to be Wednesday and I have yet to see the cards. But what can you do? Yes, I know - get a house manager.

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