December 03, 2006


DD is now one-year old and DH believes that it's time for me to start looking for a job. Despite my protests (as passive as they may be), I can't disagree with him because we had an agreement that I would stay at home with DD for one year. It's just been so much fun that I really don't want to go back to work.

But anyhow...I'm now trying to find some decent child care. DH will be working from home, but he will undoubtedly need help -- probably lots of help, but I won't tell him that. And, there are a few days that he will need to attend meetings etc, so we will need to have someone who's reliable and can take good care of Lady Day.

I've explored various day care centers in the area. They are either ridiculously expensive or their facilities look like assembly lines. So, I figured we should explore in-home care for the next year, as some of the programs that have caught my eye require the children to be at least 2 years old. So, I posted a want add on and I've received a few responses. (I am in search of Justice Jones' Evelyn but have had no luck as yet -- I am keeping hope alive though.) So, I arrange to meet one candidate today at 11 am at my house. Hmmmmmmm, I'm still waiting. Please tell me that this is not a representation of the quality of people out there trying to take care of other people's children!?!? I am not at all thrilled by this first showing and I am hoping that it gets better. I have another interview scheduled for Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed for me as I wait for the perfect nanny.


Justice Fergie said...

HOORAY!! To J. Ny who has added a brand new post complete with a photo. I'm tickled pink.

As for the nanny hunt, I feel your pain. Remember when I was interviewing nannies when Kay-Kay was 4 months old and I had to go back to work? It was terrible. But then after several interviews of crazy, no-english speaking, too young, etc. nannies, I finally found a good one (or so I thought) but about 1-month into her working for us, she demanded more money on Monday and quit on Tuesday before we even got back to her! It was sooo frustrating. And then I had to put her in emegency childcare which, thank goodness, my job provided but that was only temporary. And then I finally found a decent childcare center, then moved her out of there to the home daycare which we are now at and love. (BTW - We went to 2 open houses today but I'll tell you about that separately)...

In any case, we have moms have to be persistent, discriminating and vigilant about finding quality childcare options for our babies. Hang in there! Let us know how it goes (and if she ever showed up). Maybe we need to put up a craigslist posting that says: "In Search of Evelyn XXXXX"!


Justice Jones said...

Interesting, I posted a post with links and received no such praise but it's all good. Also, where in the world do you ladies find your cute pics? I want to post pics. I love the pics!

J. Ny - sounds like you have to keep your promise and get to working. You could probably extend your home stay at least a few months in exchange of endless sexual favors though. Worth a try. [This is where I need a cute picture]. However, I'm guessing that DH is spoiled by the fact that his lovely wife has been staying at home and keeping house and baby while he's out at work. He probably won't be too thrilled about all the changes once they do in fact happen (assuming you take a 9-6 type of job). Hopefully by month one, DH will start strategzing on a way to keep you home again. Or at least working from home or something.

Regarding the nanny situation. I have had several no shows or other ridiculus women come to my home. I remember one nanny came in an all white suit, with a merlot silk shirt, 3 inch heels and told me she does no house work, errands, or cooking, smokes (but claimed she doesn't smoke during the day) and was an engineer (or something like that) back in her country. Then she had the nerve to say "she loves working with kids."

Justice Fergie said...

My bad J. Jones! KUDOS on the links!!! I suppose this praise is too little to late, huh? lol.

The source of my cute little images is top secret. I let J. Ny in on the secret when she came over on Saturday. Ok, ok, it's Google Images :)

That nanny-in-the-white-suit story sounds like it could have been a tv episode.

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