December 04, 2006


You know how there is an unwritten rule among wives that if you have an idea that you want implemented, you have to make your husband believe that it was his idea all along? Well, I get that, but it's so annoying that they truly believe that they came up with it! For example, DH has been vehemently opposed to enrolling DH in a nursery school program because of the costs. My point of view is that, yes, they are ridiculously expensive and should not be, however education and academic development is so important at this stage that we have to sacrifice to give her the best start possible (hey! this sounds like my breastfeeding pitch) even if it means taking some dollars out of savings (GASP!) or what have you. [Sidenote: I'm not saying that you should dip into savings willy-nilly, but aren't times like this what savings are for?] Anyway, we got into an argument about it, of course, and I said, very calmly, before bed last night: "Why don't you just give my idea a chance until you can come up with something better?" And to this he agreed. SO. This morning we went to 2 openhouses that I rsvp'd us for. The first was a Montessori school (the idea of which I wasn't necessarily crazy about) but we both loved it. I think it really opened DH's eyes to what DH would be missing out on if she didn't join a academic-geared program. When he got back in the car he was thinking of all of these ways that we could pay the tuition and how "we are already paying a good amount for where she is now..." so a little bit more for a pre-school environment wouldn't be that bad. Um, excuse me, what? I could have sworn that I had been preaching the same thing for days. But, alas, remembering the ol' Wives Code, I held my tongue and nodded my head. But let me just tell you that I was dying to say: "I told you so!!!!"

On another note: Isn't it funny how being a mom is like being a member of a universal sorority. No matter where you come from, what color you are or where you are in life, you will always share the common bond of the joys and pains of motherhood. Case-in-point: I overheard a conversation at work today about the holidays and the woman not wanting anyone to give her kids anything this year because they already have too much stuff! I could totally relate. In fact, I am only buying my kids 2 presents each for this reason. [ok, ok, so I already have 6 presents hidden in the closet] But I digress. The lesson is: when you become stressed about something, just remember that you're not alone!


Justice Jones said...

Whoever told you that great theory is a genius! Yes, Men really do need to think they came up with the idea in order for it to be a great one - kind of like what I do with my 5 year old. If he thinks he came up with a great idea, 1) he will do whatever it takes to make it happen 2) he feels a sense of ownership and pride in seeing it all come together 3) he'll do his best at it. In conclusion, men are like children.
So how much is preschool in DC? I'm scared to ask. Also, you asked me before about schools that finish at noon and what do working parents do? It's called extended day (in FL at least). That means after "school" is over, you pay an extra tuition to have your child there until 3 or 6pm. It would cost less for DS to attend University of Florida than to attend any grade after second. No lie!

Justice Fergie said...

Men are totally like children, hands down. But that could be it's own blog topic, couldn't it? Just think back to the last time your man was sick. Pure drama.

Preschool in MD is off the chain. They range anywhere from $7,500/yr to $15,000+ For a 3-year-old. And in most cases, you have to pay extra for extended day (or "aftercare")If you want to pay anything less, you have to go with the part-time or co-op options. It's bananas. So basically, we are trying to get DD in someplace for that year until she turn 4 when she can go to the neighborhood public preschool. Luckily we live in a county with a high-ranking public school system.

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