November 17, 2006

MamaLaw #3 - Every mom deserves a mental health day

You know what we're talking about... Sometimes, you just need some time for you. Being a mom is a full-time, 24-hour, 7-days a week job, and sometimes we need and deserve a little break. Because we are so busy doing for others, we often forget that we need attention too! Whether it be going to get your nails done (ha!), reading a favorite book or magazine (ha! ha!), or ordering a Venti-Skim-White-Chocolate-Mocha with Whip (you get the skim so you can get the whip!), taking the time to regroup and renergize will not only benefit you, but it will benefit those around you to be a happy and grounded mom. So, drop the kids off with a friend. Take the day off of work. Or take a trip to Borders after the little ones are asleep. But remember that there's only one YOU and that you need to treat her special :-)

Ready to plan your mental health day? Check out
this mama blogger for ideas.

this one too - clearly, she's talking to US!

We'd love to hear how your mental health day went...


Justice Ny said...

I absolutely agree that we need a day. But, I've come to realize that a day is a long time, so I've started wishing for a few hours. DH has been great as he and Lady Day get more attached, and she's become more "fun", so he's been taking her out with him during the day. But, I can't seem to use the time for myself. I usually end up doing some housework that's been neglected and before I know it...they're back. So, I've decided to take a few minutes more when I go out (because there are no chores that can occupy my time). Yesterday, after running my errand, I sat in Starbucks, had a chai latte and read the newspaper. It was refreshing! I came home feeling like a new woman:)

Justice Fergie said...

Good for you! I'm glad that you got to take a minute for yourself. I counted today's hair appointment as my mommy break. I read 3 magazines that are now old news (September issues!)

Breaking news...tonight DH and I are headed out to a martini party! I'm so excited. A real live grownup party with intelligent conversation and mixed drinks :-)

Justice Fergie said...

Okay, can I just say that the martini party was great. We had the best time! Of course we arrived late because this is the one night that DD#2 decided she wasn't going to sleep at 6:45pm as she usually does. But we eventually got out of the house and got to the party. We had "Caribbean" martinis (vanilla vodka, coconut rum, pineapple juice and grenadine)and lots of yummy appetizers (jerk wings and sweet plaintain bites included). BUT the highlight of the night was definitely the karaoke!! This was my first time doing it and at first I was like "come on, this is corny!" but after martini #4, things started looking up. We sang everything from "Like a Prayer" to "Tootsie Roll" A much needed night out!

So of course DH and I started reminiscing about how we used to throw fun parties and how life will never be the same now that we are "with children." But we are considering hosting our own "grownup" party - but the problem is, a lot of our friends with kids don't have babysitters or won't want to leave their kids with one. So we'll play it by ear and see how it goes...

"Cotton candy, sweet and low, let me see that..."

Tres Leches said...

We all need to take our own time. Maybe not a day all the time but a day every once in awhile. I used to get a few hours on Saturdays to do my thing, no questions asked, when we had two babies. But after about an hour or so, I missed my family and got bored. I am one of those people who like to be around people when I shop, sit at Starbucks, or whatever.

The Martini Party sounds like it was hit! It's so great to hear that you two got to do the couple thing as opposed to the parent thing. I think that may be more, if not equally, important to a Me Day.

One of my Professor friends took me out last night for a girls night out. She is single, no kids, so she had all night to do whatever. We went to 3 bars/lounge/club type of places. I don't think I've ever done that as a grown person since I feel like ever since I've been grown I've had a kid, or two, at least. We went to three totally different spots. We ended our night at "The Real Ting Cafe" which is like a "Brooklyn basement party," according to my friend who is from NYC. It's a small dingy Reggae club. The place was scary, the people were even scarier but the jerk chicken wings were off da hook! and the music was awesome. My friend knows the DJ so we were hiding in his booth the entire time. We ended up leaving because the people around us started smoking weed and the last thing I needed was to inhale 2nd hand weed. Even though we left shortly thereafter, my hair and clothes smell disgusting. I'm waiting for DH to accuse me of lighting it up. Crazyness.

Tres Leches said...

I forgot to mention that we all know the men take their days and hours ALL the time. Yet we always have to justify (even if only to ourselves) our desire/need to take just a few hours here and there. Sometimes I even feel guilty about taking my own time which is madness. And my last comment, there have been several "trips to the grocery store" that also involved getting a quick pedicure :)

Justice Fergie said...

Your Girls' Night Out sounds like it was fun! I can't remember the last time I went to a club, nevermind club-hopping. And it's been even longer since I've been someplace where I end up smelling like second-hand weed smoke...

Your Night Out is also a great example of what a good idea it is to meet and do things with new people. As time passes, we tend to only do things with people in our regular circle of friends (which is great) but meeting new people can be refreshing. We didn't know anyone at the martini party except for the host and hostess, but we met new people and had a blast.

I have to admit that I am the same way - I end up missing my family after a few hours (or less). I even hate taking the 2.5 hours to get my hair done because I know that I'd rather be at home with them. When we're constantly surrounded with our family, we wish for time away, and when we are away, we long to be constantly surrounded. Ah, motherhood. We can't win for losing.

Tres Leches, if you really want to be young and hip, you can call the Brooklyn Basement Parties "Bashments"
I'll give that one to you on the house :-)

Tres Leches said...

Bashments..., I like that one. Yes, new people are refreshing. She has a totally different perspective on a lot of things in life, including dating. When I talk to my single friends, and heare their stories/nightmares about the type of men out there, it makes me even that much more thankful for my man. It also shows me how long it's been. She gets invited out on dates via e-mail. That has never happened to me. It's been 10 years since I met DH. And part of courting involved the phone, not the computer. Times have changed!

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