November 18, 2006


Every blog post can't be profound, right? I've decided to add a "Dicta" category for random musings...

I'm think officially "old." As much as I try to keep up with the beefs between Jay-Z and Jim Jones; Oprah and Killa Mike, what's happening on Laguna Beach, and whether the Juicy "Snowflake" is in fact the "UGG" of 2006, I have to admit that when I recently saw my Mocha friend's new blender and mixer I got so excited that I knew I had entered a new phase in my life! Jenn-Air's Attrezzi appliances are gorgeous. The picture doesn't do them justice. Anyway, my point is, it's strange being in this limbo between young adulthood and mature adulthood. At what point do I stop watching ANTM? I mean, I have do 2 daughters for pete's sake!

But I can't even front. I'd take this blender over a Zune anyday.


Tres Leches said...

WHen I was in New York, I saw the Juicy Snowbunny and fell in love with it! I thought I had discovered a new thing, clearly J. Fergie is ahead of the game. Anyhow, I bought them because I want to be young and hip. I love them so much and am proud of myself for trying to be young and hip. At the same time, I love buying things for my house more than clothes. I do not know if it's an age thing or the fact that after 3 babies, most clothes do not fit the way I wish they did (to put it nicely).

Justice Fergie said...

First of all, as usual, you are ballin' Tres Leches. I love the Snowbunny, but don't know if I can hang with the price tag. So I trying to convince myself to settle for the Snowflake. And congrats on your "young and hip" purchase!

Second, you've gotta wake PRETTY EARLY in the morning to get ahead of me!! Lol. But seriously, I know what you mean. I am planning on making a "young and hip" boot purchase myself. I am trying to decide between the Snowflake and the UGG La Jolla (which, according to my "young and hip" sources are all the rage) :) I am leaning towards the Snowflake though.

But yes, I do think that the reason I love buying the things for the house or for my kids is because nothing fits me right anymore! It's a crying shame.

Tres Leches said...

Not any more than the Fergs!!!

Justice Ny said...

Okay...well, I sure am the granny of the bunch because I have/had NO idea what any of these things are. I was wondering whether you guys were talking about something for the house...something for snow...snow removal equipment...who knows!!!!! So, thanks to Fergie, I linked in to figure out what in the world these divas were referring to. And to be honest, after linking into the connecting sites, I still don't have a clue. Maybe I've seen these in the one magazine I manage to read or maybe not.

All I can say is go divas!!! I'll count on you guys to keep me young and hip:)

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