March 01, 2010

My 30-Day Shred: Day 1

Ok, so I {think} that I've finally had enough. I'm tired of being unhappy with my weight. I know you've heard it all before, so instead of talking about it, I'm gonna be about it. Today was the first day of my 30-Day Shred. Gotta love that Jillian Michaels. My arms are like jelly and my abs are already tight. I'm really gonna try to stick this one out. Not only is Spring Break coming up at the end of this month, but so is my good friend's wedding - for which I ordered a bridesmaids dress one size smaller than normal! I'm not expecting to ever look like Jillian, but I can definitely do better than I look now. So root for me...

Along with fitting in exercise EVERY DAY, the food is what I anticipate struggling with. I like to eat. I like the way food tastes. And I hate sacrificing. Not a good combination. I carefully planned out my meals and snack for this week as I went grocery shopping yesterday. I was doing great until about 11:30am (sheesh) when Hubby called and asked if I would meet him for lunch. I immediately got nervous because I just knew that I would have better luck staying in my office and eating the spinach salad that I brought into work with me. But, my willpower SUCKS and I met him. I ordered the butternut squash soup which was delicious and quickly Googled the potential calories when I got back to my desk. 300 or so. Not bad. Phew.

And then.

I had a meeting after work and didn't get home until after 7pm. Hubby brought the kids to pick me up at the Metro and decided that we should all go out to eat for dinner. Nooooooooo!!!!!!! And so we ended up at BW3 {that's what the cool kids call it} and I ended up with a iced tea and chicken quesadilla. I ate about half and my stomach hurt. It was probably mental. So anyway, tomorrow is a new day. Here's hoping that I stick to my guns.

Speaking of guns, has anyone else tried the 30-Day Shred?


Candice said...

I've never tried it but, I do love her!! I'm currently doing the Insanity Workout by Shaun T. along with Pilates and yoga. Good luck, you can do it!!

Mel's Box of Chocolates said...

I have tried it before, but never finished it. Maybe got 10 days or so. I also started today with Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans and I'm hoping to get through the entire 30 days. Maybe we should have a shred at Bloggy Boot Camp!

Justice Fergie said...

Thanks for the encouraging words Candice! I've never heard of the Insanity Workout...sounds scary, LOL.

Great idea Mel! I was considering joining the SOSJ, maybe I'll see you there.

Tech Savvy Mama said...

Good for you for taking charge! I'm on day 9 of the Shred and vowing to keep it up to be pool ready and then super beach ready for Blogalicious this fall!

Have to admit I am a Shred dropout having done it for a little while last year while interspersing some running and pushing 70 lbs of children in a jogging stroller! Not sure what made the difference but I felt great then came fall & winter and I'm flabby and back to the Shred again!

I'll motivate you if you motivate me, okay? :)

cocoamommy said...

I've never tried it however I feel you on food. My toughest challenge is snacks. I have two small kids so we always have snacks in the house. In the past few weeks I have resorted to storing up on some better snacks. I am not an in home workout person but I love going to the gym. One thing I have learned over the past 10 years is moderation and portion control work for me rather than totally eliminating the things I love. Good luck to you!

Fit For Fashion said...

Jillian Michaels is definitely a beast! I've tried her No More Trouble Zones and can't even get through the warm-up! Lol!

Have you heard of Exercisetv? They have great workout videos for FREE and a lot at a really low cost. Take a look at their website, there are so much to choose from. They also have FREE workouts, including Jillian's, on Demand on Verizon Fios (not sure about any other cable providers).

The key is CONSISTENCY! Even if you don't complete the entire workout, make sure you do at least 10-20, 3x per week! Good luck!

DemMom said...

I've started it, but never made it to level 3. Part of the problem is that unlike you, I cannot stand Jillian. She grosses me out and annoys me. But if I mute the sound and turn music on I should be okay. I should start it again before pool/beach season!

Kristen P. said...

I've never tried the 30-day shred but good luck!

I just downloaded the "Lose It" iPhone app, which calculates your daily calorie allowance depending on your goals. You can add food or exercise and it updates your allowance. I've found this to be really helpful because I've tried keeping track of my calories online, but this is much more handy and convenient!

Nancy said...

I've purchased 30 Day Shred. I've been sick and am still recovering so I haven't started it yet. This is a great encouragement for me - so good luck to us all!

allibrary (at) aol (dot (com)

Annie said...

I'm a little late to this post, but I just found your blog. I'm a mother of three young boys, and an attorney as well (so let me know if you are looking for an addition to your team to up the kid factor to ten!).
Today was my first day of the shred, and I would not be the least bit surprised if I cannot lift my arms tomorrow. That would make tomorrow's workout...interesting. Wish me luck!

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