February 26, 2010

RHOC Recap

Most times RHOC makes me think about deeper, more serious issues regarding motherhood, marriage, friendship - but last night was just funny. Here’s a quick recap:

Simon and Tamra
As you may know by now, Simon and Tamra are in fact getting a divorce after 12 years of marriage. The tension between these two has been quite thick this season and as I’ve expressed before, I hope they can work it out amicably for the kids. But, my impression has always been that Simon is just too controlling and last night’s episode proved it. Unapologetically Simon said “I’m not the type of person to control somebody. And if I didn’t control my wife, could you imagine how she would be?” and he also said “I let her get away with a lot of things.” News flash Simon, she’s your wife, not your child.

Gretchen’s business venture
Go Gretchen for trying to start your own business, but I felt so sorry for her at her debut. How much did she spend? Who swindled her into believing that there would be 10,000 people there? She needs a manager, whose name isn’t Slade.

Alexis and mom
Alexis brought her mom into town to get plastic surgery. I think her mom looks pretty good for almost 60 and I think Alexis should have left her alone. Clearly Alexis’ obsession with beauty (as Lynne’s) has clouded her ability to reason. I was disappointed that her mom wasn’t there to see her grandkids, but I guess that’s irrelevant in Alexis’ world. Above all other things, what irked me throughout the entire plastic surgery process was that Alexis took her mom from the surgeon’s office to an after care facility. She should have taken her home to recover; sometimes having too much money makes you forget the human side of things.

Lynn and Frank
I’m soooo over them!

Here are a couple sound bites that had me ROTFL!

Vicki ~ If you call me in the middle of a weekday what do you think I’m doing? Working!!!

Tamra ~ “What better way to celebrate my birthday than gettings together with my hos and mos”

Lynne ~ In response to whether Frank has ever cheated on her “He is germaphobic, he would never cheat on me”

Simon ~ “Hitler had a good side!”

Next Thursday is the season finale at 10pm and then the season premiere for RHONY at 11. See you then!


Justice Fergie said...

love the recap. i, too, was glued last night. they're all a bunch of basket cases, and yet i can't stop watching. vicki's quote was my favorite of last night: "Who has a birthday party at 11am on a Tuesday????"

Spoken like a true working mom.

Alexis needs psychological help and so does Lynne. Right now Gretchen is in the lead for most sane. Who would've thunk it?

A Shorter Mama said...

Hey Mamas! Love the new look!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to see someone else is as into this as I am and I can't wait for the drama the NYC Housewives bring.

AngieB said...

I'm so glad to find others who share my secret vice. I ADORE RHOC! And I feel like such a fabulous parent after watching Lynn interact with her daughters - EEK!

A site for Fabulous Hot Moms said...

Love the recap. i agree that Alexis' mom looked great for her age. I love the quoutes especially Lynn's...lol

Anonymous said...

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