March 31, 2010

Magical Memories

We're on Day 3 of our Disney Trip. And despite all my apprehensions about coming with three children under the age of 6, I have to say that we've been having a wonderful time and I'm so glad we decided to do it.

The high points so far? The Bibbity Bobbity Boutique Makeovers for my girls on the day we arrived. Giggles was transformed into a full-fledged princess by a Fairy-Godmother-In-Training into a little princess, complete with pixie dust, makeup and a tiara. Chatterbox, ever the rock star, chose the "Pop Diva" package and sported multicolored, spiked hair for the past two days. That was awesome. The other highlights (for me) were the Storybook Dining Princess Lunch at the Akershus Castle in Norway at EPCOT. We got up close and personal with almost all of the royal court: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel, and - GASP! - Cinderella. When I booked the reservation, I was told that the specific princesses that would be in attendance could not be guaranteed, and so we were all excited to see the heavy hitters there. My girls got to ask them questions, take photos, get autographs and give hugs to their favorite Disney ladies. The look on their faces when the princesses walked in? Priceless. We're gonna seek out Jasmine and Tiana tomorrow. Another fave was the Mickey's Phil-Harmagic 3-D movie. It was great! Each night over dinner we've been chatting about our days and recapping our favorite moments. Those times are my favorite moments.

The low point? THE BATHROOM RUNS. I mean seriously. I think I have been to every bathroom in EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom so far. Between the two girls with miniature bladders, lots of water and frozen lemonades, and hours at the parks, I have taken them to the potty a zillion times. It's even caused us to miss a show and get out of line after waiting 30 mins for a ride. Is there a Guiness record for most bathroom trips at Disney? 'Cuz I'm sure that I'm a shoo-in.

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Justice Jonesie said...

Can't wait to see pictures!

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