February 23, 2010

The Scary Fairy Deal

Chatterbox lost her first tooth last week! It was a big deal in our house. It was loose for a loooong time and she even asked Hubby to try to pull it out {before it was really ready} and that didn't go over so well! It eventually fell out on its own last Wednesday - when I wasn't home of course. I felt a slight pang in my chest when I got the text message from Hubby. My baby is getting older every day.

Most kids would be excited at the prospect of the tooth fairy coming. But not my Chatterbox. Much like her apprehension about Santa Claus - a big stranger sneaking into our house at night while we're sleeping - she was not too thrilled about the idea of a Tooth Fairy flying into her room at night and going underneath her pillow. So we struck a deal. She would put her tooth under my pillow and that way the Tooth Fairy could still make her pick up and drop off without stressing out Chatterbox. It worked like a charm. The Tooth Fairy didn't even wake me up last night. This morning Chatterbox ran into my room and dug under my pillow for her gift. It's so wonderful seeing the wonder in their eyes in these kinds of situations.

And then she proceeded to grill me about how the Tooth Fairy actually entered the house; where she took the teeth to; etc. What is it that they say? A lie begets a lie? Never was it truer than this morning :)

Here's a pic of her posing with her tooth fairy card from Grandma D. You can barely tell that she lost the tooth because her adult one is already almost fully in! We call that precocious, yes? The girl and the tooth.


La'Tonya Richardson said...

That's so sweet. You're right, the different traditions and childhood rites of passage make us lie. They're only children once. I wonder how long before she realizes she has another lose tooth?

My youngest said once... I'm broke. I need to see if I have any lose teeth. Gotta love em.

Kerry said...

Aww, that's soo cute. Kids get so excited for the simple things, its adorable.

TheIslandMompreneur said...

That is kool! our five year old son, said he would rather wait up for the Tooth Fairy" because he as questions he hope she can answer! These kids now-a-days are so advanced! "I had to ask him how old are you again?!"

Execumama said...

Beautiful! And it is absolutely a big deal!! Our almost 6 year old lost her two front teeth on Monday, and I'm doing a Toothless Thursday post tomorrow...LOL!

Try not to plague Chatterbox like I'm annoying Marley with 10,000 pictures per minute :) I just can't stop, it's so darn cute to see her gums while she still tries to cop a kindergartner attitude!

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