February 05, 2010

Altitude Design Summit

{Jyl from MomItForward, Me and Rachel from Today's Mama getting our 1920's sultry on.}

Boy these blog conference sure do have me traveling to places that I would never have had the chance to visit on my own! Week before last I had the pleasure of attending the Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City, Utah where I spoke on one of the panels. Before the fly girls of Kirtsy (the masterminds behind ALT) reached out to me for about speaking, I had no idea that there was an entire conference especially for design bloggers.

And I quickly found that these were clearly my people.

{The panel I spoke on called "Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due." YES, I am paying attention. Ahem.}

I was a little uncertain about what a "design blogger" was at first. The early bird lecture on "How to Find the Best Design Sites" was very helpful in shedding some light on that question for me. Basically, I learned that design bloggers are those that find beauty in the everyday and post about it. That's it. Whether it be fashion, decorating, crafting, art, food, graphic design, or lifestyle, or a combination of all of those and more, those blogs are considered design blogs. All of the attendees were very stylish (myself excluded, ha ha) - I told myself that the conference looked like a giant ad for Anthropologie. The blogs I discovered were equally as breathtaking including some that have become my fast favorites: Mrs. Lilien and DesignSponge, among tons of others.
{Ok, so I might have a slight obsession with my MacBookPro. Cut me some slack, it's new!}

The speakers were great. The hotel was fabulous. The events were fun. And all very laid back and welcoming. Thanks Alt Summit for opening my eyes to a whole new side of the blogosphere! Something tells me I'll be joining you very soon...

{Me and Gabrielle of DesignMom on the red carpet. Let's ignore the fact that she is still smaller than I am even though she is pregnant with her SIXTH child.}


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melanie said...

congratulations on getting the speaking gig! awesome! and you look plenty fashionable and fabulous to me!

ParlinMom said...

love the 20's photos...

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