December 03, 2009

Become A Smart Cookie!

The holidays are usually a time of intense madness for most mamas, including ourselves, and if we had one wish it would be to make the holidays simple - simplify shopping, simplify cleaning and prepping, simplify dealing with the kids, hubbies and the in-laws. Now that the holiday season is officially here, it's important for all Mamas to stay calm, cool, and collected and remember the real reason for the season.

In the spirit of Mamalaw #2, the Holidays Should Be Simple, we've started a new tip exchange here on Mamalaw. We hope that you'll join us in sharing your real mama tips for keeping the holidays simple.

Each Thursday we'll post a tip on a topic commonly associated with holiday stress. Share your tip, grab our holiday cookie, and join in on the fun!

Today's topic is "Getting a Handle on Your Shopping" and our tips are:
- Only buy for the kiddies because buying for adults can be too difficult.

- Use time at work wisely - sneak away for a lunch time shopping excursion or shop online.
- Use a free online wish list manager like cozi family manager or

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ParlinMom said...

For all the mamas that cook for the holidays, here is one my best tips...prepare early!!! If you have spices and veggies to chop, chop them a few days before the meal and store them in freezer bags in your fridge trays. Also, if you bake holiday goodies prepare them ealry as well, at least a day or two before.

good luck with the holiday madness!!

Kay said...

That's our plan for this year. We are only buying for the kids from now on. We've come to the realization that kids are the only ones that we decorate and carry on the shenanigans for. They enjoy the bright lights, the Tree, cookie time, and Santa.

Thanks for the tips. I linked your button to my site. I like it here.

Joyce The Writer said...

Great tips. Especially buying for the children. This is the direction my wallet was sending me anyway. So I appreciate the affirmation!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Ooooo, these are great tips! I'm checkingn out the onlinechristmaslist, ASAP. Is there an aplication, where I can forward my wishlist to Mr. Husband?

Peter and Nancy said...

My tip is for mamas with children who have Christmastime birthdays . . . postpone the party until after New Year's Day! Or if your child is school-aged, have a half-birthday party instead -- more kids can actually come then, or you can do fun outdoor stuff that you can't do now.
(waiting for baby #3 to turn 3, one week before Christmas!)

cocoamommy said...

I love the tips. When I was working my lunch time was definitely went I ran my errands. One year I did all of my shopping online and I felt so relaxed leading up to Xmas. I agree with Kay, there is really nothing I want or desire under the tree as long as the kids are excited and looking forward to the holiday I am good.
My biggest project is baking cookies which I usually do a few days before Xmas and will put in the freezer to maintain freshness before Xmas day.

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