December 06, 2009

4th Milestone in our relationship

We celebrated Princess' 4th birthday a couple weekends ago and I feel like it was a turning point in my relationship with my only child. My fairy godmother (really my fairy grandmother) wove her wand and changed the child that I've come to know.

I've previously posted about her little 'isms and the difficulties that I have had thus far in striking the right balance between being the disciplinarian and a loving mother. Often times I've felt like a complete failure because she often expressed her dislike of me. I rationalized that in my attempt to make sure that she had the structure that I did as a child that I have forgotten to have fun with her. There are times that I'm totally fine with the relationship and then there are many times that I cry myself to sleep in prayer that things will get better. How could my only child, my daughter, have so much disdain for me. What have I done? What haven't I done? I felt like I was destined to have a purely contentious relationship with her forever.
But, then things changed completely. She turned 4 and she turned into a "big kid" - she is more rational and reasonable, she is fully expressive of her reasons for things, she's more sensitive to how her behavior impacts others and she's been super loving toward me. I know it's only been 2 weeks; but if your knew what our days were like, you would triumph in this small victory too.

Here's to being a big kid! I love you Princess and I pray that our relationship continues down this path.

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Danni said...

yay for you! My mom says I was "that kid who cause all the terror". I was rolling my eyes at 3! Screaming all through Publix. Of course she was smacking me every time...BUT we grew close, and now she is one of my best friends. Just remember you guys may go at it again at some point, but she does love you. you'll always be Mommy :)

Momaroma said...
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Momaroma said...

Beautiful - brought tears to my eyes. Of course I also think you need to cut yourself some slack - as you are indeed a wonderful mom.

On the other hand, turning four at my house seems to mean we are now headed in the opposite direction, but boys do mature slower than girls - so I'm thinkin' we just hit the terrible twos :-)

Ms. Latina said...

Your daughter is beautiful and does look like a little princess! Although I don't have any daughters, I remember my relationship was pretty much the same with my own mother. She is now one of my best friends so don't despair! Girls tend to rebel and seek independance earlier then boys, particularly if their personalities are similar to their Moms. Yet through all those rough patches and trying times I never doubted just how much she loved me and vice versa, and neither will yours!

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

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