November 20, 2009

I'm Going Fishing

This mama is going fishing today. I'm going to drag my eight year old with me and we are going to catch us some fish. I seem to be the only one in my family that enjoys the sport and I'm perfectly happy sitting outside to enjoy a beautiful day while waiting for a bite. My family, however, does not enjoy it as much. There is no return for them if no fish are caught. But that's all part of the game!

Wait, enjoy, rest, and wait. The fish will come.

My love for fishing may be news to some of you. Some of you may even laugh at the idea that I love to fish. But a diva can be fly while she fishes, right?! Put a cute jumpsuit on tennis shoes. Through a cute hat on and voila - the perfect fishing outfit. In fact, I'm going to buy this cute shirt because it matches my cute tennis shoes perfectly.

So wish me luck because if we don't catch anything this time around, I may have to start going alone.

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Unknown said...

If you caught anything I hope that you took a picture. I wanna see the big catch!

Radical Selfie said...

Hey, where's the update? Too busy cleaning all your big catches to blog? I hope so!

Peter and Nancy said...

Too funny -- my two-year-old recently became obsessed with the idea of fishing. It's hard for her to understand that fishing in late Nov. in Wisconsin is NOT that fun. Now, if she could wait until January for ice fishing, we can go to my brother-in-laws up north . . . But that's pretty much it until May, otherwise. :o) Hope you had fun!
Nancy said...

We didn't go fishing!! Oldest was not excited about the idea. Hurt Mommy's feelings. :(

Krystal Grant said...

I am terrified of fishing. My 2nd grade teacher took the class to her ranch and we went horseback riding and fishing. Everything was fine until I saw a bucket full of worms! ABSOLUTELY GROSS! They were all wiggly and brown. Needless to say, I have never been fishing since.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Do you catch and throw it back. Or catch, scale, clean, cook and eat? I'm not a fisher, but I have taken my girls to a few fishing derby's where others are there to HELP!

I hope you all have a great time!

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