September 21, 2009


Chatterbox was "devastated" today because I sent her to school with an order form for the Scholastic Book Fair and the form did not contain an order for The Barbie Book! Not that I purposely chose not to select The Barbie Book!, it just so happened that it wasn't a choice on the form that was sent home. Apparently some of the other kids were just given money (and no form) and were able to choose whatever books they wanted (seems strange to me given that they are only 5 years old) but in any event, of course "everybody" got The Barbie Book!

Chatterbox was pouting that she didn't get to choose that book and I said in my wise and knowing mommy voice: "Why are you upset about the one book that you don't have? Why can't you be happy with the 5 books that you do have?" To which Hubby replied:


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Justice Ny said...

Those were 'fighting words' hubby!

from the desk of said...
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from the desk of said...

ouch is right...i feel ur pain. hubby was definitely "dipping" into ur bucket. however, as a teacher, it is a big ordeal when handing out the book orders (in an attempt to encourage everyone to build their home libaries) so i can empathize with chatterbox. u may be able to go scholastic books online and order it..

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Oooo, that hit me! What kind of look did you give him?

My youngest was like that about Junie B. Jones books. If she saw it she wanted it, without out stopping to check if she already had it.

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