August 06, 2009

Scene and Heard: Because Target Has EVERYTHING

In the kids' bathroom, getting ready to give L'il Buddy a bath. Chatterbox enters and squeals with delight.

Me: What's got you so excited?

Chatterbox: I looooove the baby's "privacy" [that's what we call, well, their privates]

Me: Really? [Bracing myself] Why?

Chatterbox: Because it's cute. And I don't have one!

Me: [cautiously] don't.

Chatterbox: Can you buy me one? From Target?


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Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

OMG! That's hilarious. My daughter once asked if she could have fur on her vagina. LOL!

Execumama said...

LOL! Well, was it on sale?

Peter and Nancy said...

Ha ha! Speaking of that area, my son recently asked his daddy if he would have "some of those big boys" when he was a grown-up. I sssooooo want to put that in our Christmas letter . . .
-- Nancy

Nerd Girl said...

That made my day! Thanks Chatterbox! Gotta love the kiddos.

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Oh Fergie, I laughed sooooooo hard! I ran to tell my mother and husband. How did you keep from laughing? Maybe you were more shocked than tickled.

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