August 06, 2009

Random thoughts - Three things

If you came to my house right now there will be three things that I can promise you'll find: (1) trash can with a stinky pull-up; (2) a bag of washed but unfolded clothes; and (3) a bag of toys stashed somewhere.

(1) When princess stopped wearing diapers I had a hallelujah moment and took the diaper champ (which I loved for a hot second) out to the trash. Big mistake! I forgot that we were moving to pull ups at night and didn't think that they would be so stinky. So everyday there is an exposed pull-up in a trash can in the house.

(2) Laundry has taken over my life. By the time I actually finish washing all the clothes and moving them from the basement up to the bedroom, there's not only another bag of laundry ready to go, but there is usually still another gigantic bag of clean laundry to fold. I can't keep up!

(3) Princess is a hoarder so she collects randomly matched toys in anything that she can call a bag and you can be assured that there is a bag of toys stashed somewhere in my house right now.

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1 comment:

Execumama said...

Tell me about it! Laundry remains my nemesis! I swear, when you put clothes in the dryer, the heat makes them "frisky" and they multiply...true story!

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