July 28, 2009

My other other lover?

A while ago Fergie lamented about her frustration with folks asking her "how do you do it?" - Fergie's issue was an important one - our quest for work-life balance.

I must inquire about a less important issue but an issue nonetheless - Social Media-Work-Life balance. Is it possible? I am asking that question because I feel the room closing in on me as I try to keep up with 2.0 (I'm scared to think of the effect that Net 3.0 is going to have). I have to stop and question why is it 11:29pm and I'm on the blog, with a window open to my email and one open on FB. The only thing that I'm missing is Twitter. When I venture onto one of my FB personas or sign into one of my few handles on Twitter I'm there for hours simply trying to catch up. My blackberry is constantly vibrating and as soon as it goes off, I'm there to check it.

What's worse is that I'm in bed, with the light on as my husband sleeps. Is 2.0 causing me stress? Is it my paramour? Am I neglecting my life for it?

What are you doing to handle 2.0? Is it at all manageable?

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Jennifer said...

First, what's 2.0 (did I just out myself as a bad blogger?)?

Second, I hear you! I just had a mini-breakdown two weeks ago and was about to throw the towel in with this whole blogging situation. It's just too much! The only reason I didn't give up is because I put in too much time into it to quit now, and my ego is having me stick around at least till I can reach my one year bloggy anniversary.

Ugh. It's the monkey on my back, this blogging. It's overwhelming and addictive at the same time. Bad combo. ;-)

Sally's World said...

LOL...i have a tiny blog addiction, my husband feels neglected, but i make sure it doesn't take time away from the kids...good comprimise yes!

La'Tonya Richardson said...

Just like everything else, you have to make time for your self FIRST! Then every thing else should fall into place. Sounds too cliche, and we both know life doesn't happen like that.

Cover as many bases as you can without neglecting your husband, and family. And do we ever really catch up? Just start where you are, and move on from there.

Shoot, I should take my own advice!

Chalette said...

I don't blog, so I'm VERY glad you do.

Regarding technology, there are many applications out there now that allow you to multi-task your social-networking without having 15 window open. BTW, I have 7 explorer tabs, 5 excel files, and my outlook open. However, I manage about 7 social-networking sites combined including: my work (@FLAeconomics), personal (@eventdivas), and volunteer (@tampabayABA) twitter and FB accounts through a program called Seesmic Desktop.

Now that my mobile internet is working again (TY Jesus!), I complete most of my postings during random moments in the day.

So if any of you get serious about your social networking, I say us a program that integrates all these sites...it makes life much easier, and is less of a burdon on the QT (family and otherwise).

I must admit, Kareem had to pry my PDA from my fingers one early morning in bed)-:

from the desk of ....me said...

i struggle with the same thing...how to balance it all? i love fb, reading blogs, and shoot, just being on the net. however, i now try to do these things in smaller intervals (i.e. while waiting in line at a store, during my son's naptime, lunch breaks.) i'm not perfect so yes, i still check email or fb status while my little one plays but at the same time, i realize that i don't want to make it a habit.

Justice Fergie said...

I am NOT handling it well. In fact, hubby is even starting to make cracks at me about it (which I am not appreciating). really i am a good mom. really. i just...am ADDICTED TO THE INTERNET. not to mention I am busy with stuff that I MUST be on the computer for. even still, i don't have that much time to blog anymore. or check FB. or visit other blogs. it's not the ideal situation and I need help!!

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