July 04, 2009

I Want A Sister Wife

I'm a huge fan of Big Love, I love the characters, the story line, etc. I don't believe in plural marriages but I can tell you there have been several times when the idea didn't seem so bad. Imagine having another wife to help with all the daily routines of the house. Someone who shares in what being in your family is really like and being married to your husband is really like. On the bad days, you can comfort your sister wife and really give her good advice since you know her husband, her house, and the kids. Not so bad, right?

And when things are really hectic in your house, you have someone you can delegate duties to. She can pack for the family vacation why you do all the laundry. She can occupy the kids while you clean the house.

Even better, she can stay home while you go to work. Or go on a date with the hubs.

But of course, all this will work for me only if I'm the first wife. If I was the first wife I can set the rules, set the schedule, and delegate the duties.

As I think about all the things I have to do before we leave on our two week vacation I really wish I had another me around to help out. Sure I've been washing clothes for days, but by the time I finish one load, another one is ready to be washed. Start early, start late. What's the difference? I need another wife to help out!

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Lisa said...

I know what you mean about needing help but I do NOT want to share my husband! LOL.. Oh no!! That is just crazy!! I do love the show and while my husband does not like it, he wonders if I would like that kind of life. Yea right! Not in a million years...

Happy 4th of July to you and yours :)

Justice Ny said...

I totally get you. I used to watch that show and loved it too. There is a strange dynamic that occurs when you're sharing a husband because there is inevitably going to be some jealousy, but there is also less stress with all the wifely/motherly duties.

Sapphire said...

Yeah, I could definitely use a wife. Instead of the woman being my husband's second wife, she could just be my wife. That would be cool because then I wouldn't have to share my husband. I think that is a new domestic position. Pseudo wife - job description - do everything the wife asks you to do. How much do you think they'll charge?

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