July 14, 2009

Better Tuesdays: Summer Vacation Sabotage

Last week we went on vacation to the beach. And I intentionally suspended my food diet because, well, it's not a real vacation for me if I can't enjoy my food! And eat I did. Hey, I'm just keeping it real. So while I didn't go crazy, I definitely didn't stay within my daily WW points. I had ice cream and North Carolina BBQ ribs and snow crab with butter and ice cream and pancakes and beach fries and ice cream and Italian sausage and ice cream and more snow crab legs with butter and fish tacos and fried mahi mahi and stone crab claws and did I say ice cream?

BUT! I did go for a jog twice once and "hiked" up the tallest active sand dune in the Eastern United States. So that must count for something.

Suffice it to say, I gained back 3lbs last week - eeek! So I am back on the grind. Yesterday I woke up at walk/jogged a mile at 6:30am, had a low fat sushi lunch and a small portion of ziti for dinner (hey, I gotta ease back into it). So pray for me this week. I'm back to eating to live instead of living to eat!

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joshilyn said...

BAH! I went down to Florida for ten days. FIve of them, I was strictly on Plan (WW) One I strayed a little, and the last four I was AWFUL.

BUT I worked out twice a day, every day, EVERY DAY, staryting each day with a sunrise walk in the surf---thigh high in it---fast and panting, for 45 - 60 minutes , and then doing 30 minutes of resistance training and another 30 - 45 minute thigh high beach slog at sunset.

And I gained 2 pounds...

Since I am losing about 3/4ths of a pound a week, that's more than three weeks worth of work undone in FOUR DAYS.

UNPOSSIBLE. And SO discouraging.

Jonez said...

May I direct you to the new Starbucks ice cream. Particularly the Carmel Machiatto flavor. *sinister laugh*

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