July 14, 2009

Another memorial for MJJ

You know I love Michael Jackson and was heart broken at the news. I cried all day last Tuesday - while at work, without any shame or clearly, any professionalism - and I posted a couple times in tribute (no one commented by my second post (probably tired of MJJ, as you probably are now) and made me feel like I was the ONLY MJJ fan out there, but that's fine - I.own.it!). But, I just must share what my mom did in tribute - I thought it was so cute. From her email:

"I held a breakfast memorial for MJ on Sunday at home from 9.30 am. When I was inviting the family they were all laughing at me; but we all had a good time. It was about 15 of us. We were dressed in Black; put up posters of MJ; made 2 posters with his information, history, songs etc.; we also got magazine pictures of him and different people. Got a hat like his black hat and one sided gloves. Granddaughter and myself wore them and we also put some one sided gloves around the house. Aunty even brought KFC in memory of MJ. We played his songs while we ate and chatted and afterwards we played his videos (we bought a special one of his show in Budapest). I forgot to say, we even said a prayer for him. We wrapped up about 4 pm, and we all had a great time."

You're a real fan mommy. How sweet - I wish I was there! Rest in peace MJJ!

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Unknown said...

"You Are Not Alone," yes, pun intended. Are you kidding? There are millions of MJ fans out there and after his passing millions more. My children want to listen to The Jackson 5's Greatest Hits everyday - literally! Smiles!

Unfortunately, MJ had such a painful life, I pray that he rest in peace.

Winks & Smiles,

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