June 04, 2009

What Not to Wear

Just goes to show that nothing will stand in the way of this lady and a night out with grown folks.

Hubby and I were invited out to a dinner party last weekend and 2 days before I was diagnosed with a weird condition that caused me to have to wrap my arm and wear a sling. "We should stay home so you can rest your arm" he said as I was trying my best to get dressed and do my hair with one hand. "Not a chance!" I said. My sister had agreed to babysit, the kids were all fed, bathed and in their pajamas - the stars were aligned and I was getting out of that house. I'm so glad we went too: it was our friends' 10th wedding anniversary party and, more wonderful than their indulgent spread of food, drink and desserts or the beautifully decorated backyard garden, were their sentimental tributes to each other. So yes, I'm happy I went, blue cotton sling and all.

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Jennifer said...

Look at your shoes! I love them! And hey, the sling is a great accessory! Forget bracelets! :-)

Lisa said...

You wore that blue sling so well. :)

I rarely go anywhere without my kids so I would've gone too.

Justice Ny said...

I hadn't realized that your condition required a sling! Gosh...I'm sorry about that. Anyway, I'm happy you went out. Who cares that you had on a blue sling. Pretty soon you're going to see blue slings everywhere;)

Wifey said...

You were stylin', sling and all!

Winks & Smiles,

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